Microsoft delivers on promise of mixed reality

21:04 | 05/10/2017
Microsoft’s mixed reality vision reached another milestone at a San Francisco event on October 3, 2017, as the US tech giant unveiled a Windows Mixed Reality headset from Samsung, the Samsung HMD Odyssey, which has now joined the family of Windows Mixed Reality headsets.
A Windows Mixed Reality headset coming out this holiday

Mixed Reality at Microsoft

Humanity is standing at the threshold of the next revolution in computing, the era of mixed reality. This transformation takes place in the modern workplace and soon we will see it in every facet of life.

With mixed reality, all ideas move beyond the boundaries of paper, beyond the boundaries of screens, and beyond the boundaries of description.

This is the fundamental promise of mixed reality. The barrier that exists between our physical and digital worlds will disappear.

Alanna Cotton, vice president and general manager of Samsung Electronics America, shared, “When we began designing and engineering the Samsung HMD Odyssey with Microsoft, there was only one goal in mind: creating a high performing headset that is easy to set up and able to transport people to the incredible world of virtual reality.

Powered with Samsung’s dual AMOLED displays that result in vivid colors and the highest resolution in the industry, built-in spatial AKG headphones, inside-out tracking, built-in microphone, and quick, responsive motion controllers, the Samsung HMD Odyssey immerses users with a 110-degree field of vision as they discover the new frontier of Windows Mixed Reality.”

Immersive VR content on Windows Mixed Reality

On October 17, Windows Mixed Reality fans will be able to enjoy the more than 20,000 apps on the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft recently announced that the hottest VR games are coming to Microsoft Store and Windows Mixed Reality—titles like Obduction and Dreams of Dali from InceptionVR, Space Pirate Trainer, Superhot, Arizona Sunshine, Luna, Skyworld, Move, Free the Night, Minecraft, Fantastic Contraption, and more—will take advantage of the Universal Windows Platform.

Gamers love choice, and there is no bigger collection of VR games than Steam. Last month, Microsoft announced entering into a cooperation with Valve to run SteamVR content on Windows Mixed Reality immersive headsets.

Starting today, developers will be provided access to the Windows Mixed Reality SteamVR preview. This holiday, consumers will get access to this preview.

Also on October 17, Halo fans will be able to get their first glimpse into what mixed reality and Halo can feel like. Bonnie Ross, head of 343 Industries, will share details about Halo Recruit, a fun, brief introduction into the world of Halo, where they will see several iconic characters in mixed reality for the very first time.

AltspaceVR is now part of Microsoft

At the same day, Microsoft will introduce the talented team at AltspaceVR that have joined Microsoft.

AltspaceVR is a pioneer in immersive communications, bringing people together in virtual reality from over 160 countries to attend meetups, comedy shows, yoga classes, dance parties, and large-scale events hosted by NBC, Reggie Watts, Justin Roiland, Drew Carey, and more.

Windows Mixed Reality headsets now available for pre-order

All Windows Mixed Reality headsets coming out this holiday are now available for pre-order. Mixed Reality on Windows PCs all begins with the upcoming release of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

It is the first spatial operating system complete with a library of content that will inspire users and a portfolio of the most affordable headsets paired with the most powerful motion controllers.

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By By Alex Kipman, Microsoft expert

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