"Metamorphosis" art exhibition

10:27 | 13/12/2019
Ken at Lim Tower art space and Lim Tower jointly announced their inaugural art exhibition –Metamorphosis| Hinh Bien, to be staged at Lim Tower 3 in Ho Chi Minh City.
metamorphosis art exhibition
metamorphosis art exhibition
The exhibition is the first of its kind in Vietnam, uniting three talents from three disciplines: fashion, architecture and visual arts.

Metamorphosis| Hinh Bien introduces the avant-garde creations of fashion designer Nguyen Hoang Tu. His fashion collection will be placed inside a unique structure designed by architect Nguyen Thanh Tan of D1 architectural studio, with the inspiration of the "cocoon". In addition, Metamorphosis| Hinh Bien showcases a beautiful transformation with unique lighting designed by visual artist Cao Hoang Long.

The Metamorphosis| Hinh Bien exhibition marks a successful co-operation between Ken at Lim Tower and over 12 brands and individuals covering different areas of expertise: real estate, banking, architecture, fashion, and lighting, with partners including VietBank, The Marq by Hongkong Land, and Cara Lighting.

metamorphosis art exhibition
metamorphosis art exhibition

The organisers have spent nearly a year preparing the two-week exhibition, from the initial concept of "originality" through implementation to the final displays. Each artist provides their unique take on the concept of "originality". The whole team has worked together to combine the artists’ different creations to form a unified, cohesive whole, professing a great deal of dedication, along with a desire to introduce original creations from the contemporary generation of Vietnam.

Fashion designer Nguyen Hoang Tu was born in 1990 and graduated from Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City, majoring in Fashion Design. In 2014, he was the only Vietnamese candidate in the top 12 finalists of Audi Star Creation, one of the four main events in Asia Fashion Week – Asian Fashion Exchange (AFX). In 2019, Nguyen Hoang Tu officially signed a successful co-operation with BOON Fashion agency, based in Paris, under which BOON will be the media, PR, and commercial representative for the Nguyen Hoang Tu fashion brand in Europe.

Architect Nguyen Thanh Tan founded D1 architectural studio in 2017 with the mission to dream up cities full of character. The works of his D1 architecture studio stand out with the typical charm and contemporary spirit of the region, materials, and local artisans. D1’s philosophy is that each project is an eternal dialogue between the building and the city, as well as people and nature.

Cao Hoang Long is a dynamic visual artist based in Saigon. Long is most fascinated by the flexibility of time and space, as well as the variation of human emotions. Combining video, audio, light, the internet, and Vietnamese culture as art materials, Long's work focuses on exploiting the secret topic, memory, and the relationship between people and the universe.

Visitors to Metamorphosis| Hinh Bien will be able to experience the fresh creativity of each artwork, from the innovative cocoon-shaped art space, the haunting lighting techniques to the detailed, avant-garde style in each fashion article. The artist’s skillful techniques matched with their sophisticated artistic souls have created works that are highly creative and deep in meaning.

Metamorphosis| Hinh Bien takes place at Lim Tower 3 building until December 14. The exhibition is open every day from 9am to 8pm with free admissions.

By Thai An

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