Memorable voyages across Vietnam

11:01 | 10/02/2019
International travellers share their unique and memorable experiences in various amazing destinations throughout Vietnam. Thanh Thuy reports.
memorable voyages across vietnam
More and more people from around the world are uncovering the sheer amount of different experiences one can have while exploring Vietnam

Stretching along the S-shaped strip of land, a harmony of magnificent natural landscapes and ancient architectural structures which have been in being for centuries make up one of the world’s most attractive destinations, Vietnam.

In 2018, the country welcomed a record number of more than 15.4 million international visitors, compared to 13 million in 2017. This rise is a testament to the efforts made to promote the country’s tourism industry.

This development shows that the nation is gradually making the right strategic moves, continuing to harness and develop modern tourism products, yet retaining its untouched, uniquely beautiful natural landscape. Upon arriving, alongside the opportunity to contemplate some of the natural wonders of the world, visitors can also experience diving into an authentic world of Asia with warm people and exotic food. Experiences that will forever linger in the mind of visitors.

Almudena Hernandez and Sara Sanchez Spain

memorable voyages across vietnam

It’s our first time in Hanoi and Vietnam, we love it because it is so authentic, and it’s different from other parts of the world. As it is our first day in Vietnam, we haven’t done much apart from experience a tour around the Old Quarter and we are on our way to visit some pagodas around the city centre. We love to learn about the culture and the local lifestyle.

We love Vietnamese food, it’s so interesting and different for the unique blends. We love to see how local people are living, and we have already been to a local market, it’s perfect with a lively atmosphere and freshness all around.

The streets of Hanoi are also very interesting, we love how small and narrow the alleys are before opening up into a very big temple or the very quiet corners where houses are close to each other that you can hardly see the light. You cannot believe that you are right in the city centre. We love it. We would love to visit the mountainous areas of Vietnam and we are planning a trekking trip to Sapa and Ha Giang.

Zachariah Fletcher England

memorable voyages across vietnam

This is my second time in Vietnam, this country is really beautiful. I love the food, I love the people, they are accommodating, welcoming, kind, and polite. Vietnamese food is amazing, it is delicious and unique. I like spice and I really like the flavours. My favourite dish is banh mi, its brilliant, inside it has all the Asian flavours that I love.

When I came five years ago, I only spent two days here so I didn’t have a lot of time to explore. This time, I can spend longer getting to know more about Vietnam. My next destination for this year will be Danang, then Hoi An, Cambodia, Chang Mai, Bangkok, Berlin, and then to Ibiza.

Ali Gencer Turkey

memorable voyages across vietnam

I am impressed by Vietnamese people as they are really kind, hospitable, and helpful. But I don’t really like Vietnamese food because it’s too different compared to traditional Turkish food.

But for me, Vietnam has the best coffee in the world. I have been to Germany, France, Italy, Greece, and Bulgaria, but I couldn’t find the same special flavour.

In 2019, I am planning to visit Danang and Ho Chi Minh City, and later onto Thailand.

Dimitri Telebär Germany

memorable voyages across vietnam

This is my first time in Vietnam and we have not seen many things yet. I have just been to Phu Quoc Island and everyone there is Russian, the menu and brochures are all written in Russian. I just went to Hanoi and the streets are crowded with a lot of vehicles, especially scooters. Anyway, it is so nice here. I would really love to go back to Vietnam and see some nice places with mountains and nice views.

The place I really want to visit is Halong Bay. Everyone has been telling me about Halong Bay and how beautiful it is, how great the view is, and there are also nice beaches. I would also like to visit Sapa, but maybe not in the winter time because they say it will be foggy and snowy.

Oscar Molde Mangmang The Philippines

memorable voyages across vietnam

One of my favourite things in Vietnam may be the traditional hats, I’m in love with its conical shape and how impressive they are made out of real leaves, which makes it so unique and special.

When people wear it, they look so lovely. I also like Vietnamese foods very much, especially when there are thousands of types of green vegetables that I have never tried in other countries.

Moreover, I love the people of Vietnam because they are friendly and hospitably, when I’m here, I feel like I’m home. For me, the perfect holiday is to spend my time laying down on the beach for some relaxation, seeing the sunrise, and sunset.

Lee Da Hee South Korea

memorable voyages across vietnam

I have been living and working as a research and development manager in Hanoi for four years.

I like the lifestyle here as the people are very nice and the food is so tasty.

For me, it is enough.

This year, I would like to visit the cities of Dalat and Danang because I have heard a lot of people saying that they are very nice places worth visiting.

Louie Neil Nociallado The Philippines

memorable voyages across vietnam

I can’t say what I love more about Vietnam, the stunning natural landscapes or the warm-hearted people. Everywhere I go, I always find them smiling and willing to help me if I need.

One more thing that I love here is that you can easily have a tour guide absolutely for free, which is pretty amazing.

As I am going to stay in Vietnam for a long while, I would like to spend my time exploring this beautiful country. I would like to visit the majestic caves of Quang Binh, Pygmy, and Hang En.

Wu Yuelin Taiwan

memorable voyages across vietnam

I have visited Hanoi, Cat Ba Island, and Phu Quoc Island. I love the country for its delicious foods, stunning beaches, and islands. The best thing is that it does not cost me a lot to journey in Vietnam.

For me, the ideal holiday, besides an interesting destination, would be staying in a nice, pleasant hotel, enjoying facilities. In addition, there should be convenient transportation so it is simple to travel around.

If there is one thing Vietnam should do to improve the country’s tourism quality, I would say is to improve the transport system, for example, developing the MRT or updating more modern means of transportation.

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