McDonald’s Vietnam recognised notable sustainable development company

12:24 | 10/04/2019
In the most recent Golden Dragon Awards and the Vietnamese Excellent Brand Awards 2019 McDonald’s Vietnam was honoured in the Sustainable Development Category for its future-proofing application of advanced technologies in operating restaurants and improving service quality.
mcdonalds vietnam recognised notable sustainable development company

Nguyen Huy Thinh, general manager of McDonald’s Vietnam, at the ceremony

McDonald’s was recognised amongst the sustainable development enterprises thanks to deploying the Experience of the Future (EOTF) model in operating its restaurant system and renovating service systems. The company is considered a pioneer in the food and beverage sector for applying advanced technology to improve service quality.

The evolving digital economy and advanced utilities have significantly changed consumers’ habits and purchase behaviour. This is reflected in ways people are making orders and pay as well as the new way that enterprises take care of their customers. Enterprises will be left behind if they do not keep up with these challenges. At McDonald’s, it is all about having a “customer obsessed” mindset and the whole operating system is evolving around how to service customers better and more conveniently.

In order to keep up with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, McDonald’s is deploying a series of new standards about EOTF, including the use of technology and new standards of customer experience and service quality. Besides, applying a number of new technology applications, including self-ordering kiosks, mobile ordering and payment, table locator, will not only bring convenience for customers, but also help service staff to spend more time on customers and enhance customer relationship with the brand.

mcdonalds vietnam recognised notable sustainable development company

A Guest Experience Leader will support customers to experience self-ordering kiosks and use McDonald’s Global Mobile App to keep up to date about promotions, news, recruitment, the menu, and online feedback

According to McDonald’s, EOTF will be part of the new services platform and create new roles in the organisation, including the guest experience leader role. This new strategic move is based on two key factors, including “hardware” and “heart-ware.” If there is no heart-ware, technology alone is just as a lifeless machine.

mcdonalds vietnam recognised notable sustainable development company

Beside applying new technologies, McDonald’s also focuses on training and developing skilled employees. Nguyen Thanh Truc Quyen, human resources business partner, receiving the award on behalf of McDonald's at the Top 100 Vietnam Best Places to Work 2018

McDonald’s has been serving Vietnamese customers for five years since 2014 and now has 18 restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Customers may experience new technologies and services in their stores in these two key cities.

The company’s strategy includes the continued improvement of customer experience and the steady building of the McDonald's brand to become a modern, progressive enterprise. The EOTF move that McDonald’s is applying around the globe is a comprehensive solution to bring about enhanced services and convenience with the best quality and maximum flexibility for customers. This is also the strategy that the company has chosen to pursue to be a future-proof, sustainable enterprise in Vietnam.

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