Malaysia delivers quality care to Vietnamese healthcare travellers

08:17 | 30/05/2019
Malaysia is emerging as the best medical treatment destination for overseas patients thanks to its world-class healthcare facilities and service offerings.
malaysia delivers quality care to vietnamese healthcare travellers
Patients receive a warm welcome at the airport

It took us 1 hour 45 minutes for a direct flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Kuala Lumpur. Stepping off of the plane, a staff from the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) in red uniform was already waiting for us. He greeted us in a friendly manner and took us through customs and baggage claim at the airport so we did not need to wait in long lines. After clearing customs and immigration, the staff took us to MHTC’s VIP lounge to take a rest while waiting for the taxi to the hotel.

We were very impressed by the reception for patients in Malaysia. Although we have visited Singapore and Thailand several times for overseas treatment, we felt very happy with the warm welcome as well as the simple and quick procedures at the airport. This service is necessary for patients who do not speak English or those who need special assistance to navigate the airports.

malaysia delivers quality care to vietnamese healthcare travellers
A VIP lounge for patients to receive treatment in Malaysia

We began medical examination and screening procedures in the next day. The deep technical and clinical expertise demonstrated by the Malaysian personnel took us by complete surprise. Malaysia’s healthcare sector is well developed with several breakthrough methods in screening and treatment of serious diseases as well as infertility treatment by the IVF method. In particular, the cost of treatment in Malaysia is about one-quarter of the cost in Singapore and half of the cost in Thailand.

MHTC and its partner IB Capital Links arranged an interpreter for us at the hotel. After a 20-minute cab drive, we arrived at the Medical Center (also known as the hospital district), which is home to the general hospital, Sunway Medical College, international-standard medical conference centres, and medical research centres. When we arrived at the hospital, two MHTC staff were waiting for us and helped us register for medical examination and cancer screening. In Singapore and Thailand, we needed to wait 30 minutes to fill in the forms, but at MHTC, the Vietnamese partner registers all of our information in advance and we only needed to check the information and sign the forms.

All cancer screening procedures, including genetic cancer screening, were carried out in the morning, with thorough, complete instructions and reliable interpretation for the patient.

The service was beyond our expectations, especially in light of the fees we paid at MHTC’s partner office in Vietnam. We not only received consultation from highly qualified doctors, but also had access to state-of-art technology and equipment. It turns out that the Malaysian government sets a general price level for each treatment to ensure reasonable healthcare costs. This is clearly indicated in the medical fees and charges issued by the Malaysian Ministry of Health in 2013.

To get an insight into Malaysia’s cancer treatment technique, one team member has sought consultancy on methods, techniques, and equipment for cancer treatment. A counsellor at the department of oncology showed us the cutting-edge cancer treatment equipment which is currently being used in the US, Australia, and Europe.

The radiation therapy and chemotherapy equipment is used to kill cancer cells directly, without destroying normal, healthy cells, thereby minimising fatigue for patients. The hospital's team of therapists has been trained in developed countries like Australia, the US, the UK, and Europe, and have clinical experience of over 15 years. According to the regulations of the Malaysian Ministry of Health, doctors are only allowed to work at private hospitals if they have more than 15 years of experience in public hospitals.

malaysia delivers quality care to vietnamese healthcare travellers
Malaysia's hospitals are equiped with state-of-art equipment for cancer treatment

Over the past few years, Malaysia has made breakthroughs in its healthcare industry. On October 8, 2018, Malaysia has become the first country in the Western Pacific to reduce mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis, which is certified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Thanks to Malaysia’s efforts over the past several years, parents can now ensure their babies are born free of HIV and syphilis and have a healthy start to life. Elimination could not have been achieved without Malaysia’s strong commitment to ensuring access to quality and affordable health services for all women, children, and families,” said Dr Shin Young-soo, WHO regional director for the Western Pacific.

Malaysia has also implemented initiatives to ensure infertile couples have healthy children. Malaysia’s fertility centre can perform sperm screening and genetic testing for couples to give birth at will. Meanwhile, embryo selection can lead to the birth of healthy offsprings for couples and avoid risk for genetic diseases. Thanks to these medical techniques, Malaysia is considered the best medical treatment destination for patients from Indonesia, Myanmar, India, China, Japan, Australia, the UK, and the US.

malaysia delivers quality care to vietnamese healthcare travellers
Advanced IVF techniques with embryo screening ensure the birth of healthy offsprings

Patient psychology is at the heart of successful treatment. Thus, there is absolutely no smell of antiseptic in Malaysian hospitals. In the lobby areas, it is difficult to distinguish patients from family visitors. The hospitals are not overcrowded with long queues of patients waiting for treatment. Meanwhile, there are a variety of options for patient rooms with city or garden views. Rooms are fully furnished with sofa tables and chairs. There are also private rooms for family visitors.

By Thanh Van

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