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08:59 | 29/09/2014
When it comes to recruiting, we rarely hear about the importance of building a brand to attract applicants. In the modern business context with escalating competition while talent pool is still tight, it is crucial to build a good employer brand, with top-of-the-mind recall. You have to do much more than offer higher salaries, attractive bonuses and flexible working hours to stand apart.

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Today’s most sought after employers put great emphasis on their “employer brand”. They invest substantially in building the public images presented to customers and the world. We have collected information about some ways for you to transform your organisation into an “employer of choice”.

Social media is a great influencer. Company intelligence could be made transparent to a certain level in order to gain trust and interest from followers. Even the choice of recruitment partners is a critical aspect of inspiring trust among potential employees. A good cause is always a good idea. For instance, promoting a philanthropic event on your Facebook fanpage is a great way to ensure that your followers are involved. Take it a step further and ask them to post their opinions and ideas on your timeline.

Your best assets are your current employees. They should be the most effective brand advocates. Besides contributing to the definition of the company’s culture, they are intricately involved in the hiring process. They talk about your company from time to time on social media and in networking events. When there is a vacancy, remember to make use of this abundant resource.

Keep differentiating yourself. That is what really makes you stand apart from competitors. If your brand offers nothing different, chances are that you will have hard time finding suitable talent, especially if your offer comprises of nothing other than a higher salary and some other financial incentives. Some of the world’s more successful employer brands offer creative benefits like a cheerful recreation space for employees, nap rooms, bars, football pitches and innovative and flexible holiday options. Every little initiative adds up in the eyes of your future and current employees.

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