LG 3D TVs come into sharp focus

08:00 | 03/10/2011
LG Electronics Vietnam sees next year as a good time to boost its investment in 3D TVs in Vietnam. The firm’s general director Ko Tae Yeon tells VIR about how the product will carve out a niche in the country.

Vietnam’s 3D TV market has become busier since mid last year, with products manufactured by some players like LG, Samsung and Sony. While other players strongly focus on Shutter glass 3D and Smart/Internet TV, why does LG choose 3D with FPR technology only?

Vietnam’s TV market is growing fast. We have LED TV, LCD TV, PDP TV, Film  FPR 3D TV and Smart TVs. From our point of view, Smart TV/Internet TV is of basic functions while 3D function is a premium value added to consumers.

With our hi-end and customer -oriented technology, we championed the science of FPR Cinema 3D TV, whose feature is now unique and promises to flourish as a future technology of 3D market.
Recently, Japanese producers have decided to shift their 3D technology from shutter glass type to FPR type and now they are at the entry of the FPR market. Although there is still a debate between the FPR and the shutter glass type 3D TVs, and about who will win in the market, it remains encouraging for us to expect a bigger future for the FPR TV range in Vietnam. We hope to find a larger market in the country.

We expect that our key strategy for the Vietnamese TV market next year will be focused more on creating more value in the 3D TVs and put more investment on improving this range. We also have plans for launching more new products here. Now is the time for making plans for next year, because the 3D TV market is expected to grow dramatically in 2012 due to technological advancements in 3D and the expansion of content distribution. I am quite confident that the 3D TV technology will be an uptrend in Vietnam.

And, even other shutter 3D TV manufacturers step up their game significantly in price and ease of use, we do think FPR 3D is the way to go.

It is widely known that some of LG’s big competitors have talked down its FPR technology to promote their technology. So what is your explanation about the advantages of FPR over other technologies?

In the market, the most important thing is to find a niche, while facing competition from other competitors. Our competitors have made some materials to directly blacken our technology. It is quite unhealthy.

This case is similar to another one which happened in Australia, where we appealed to the court and our competitor had to stop and apologise to us.

Regarding FPR technology applied in Cinema 3D TV, besides picture quality, LG’s Cinema 3D TVs have been praised for reducing eyestrain and making 3D viewing more comfortable and convenient.
With our Cinema 3D Smart TVs, LG is looking to redefine the 3D TV market this year. The superiority of Cinema 3D technology is being recognised more and more every day by technology journalists, film industry technicians and most importantly, by the public.

We are now renovating the production line and will make intensive investment in Cinema 3D line-up, on the back of strong public acceptance of this product. Our aim is to lead the 3D TVs globally, including Vietnamese market.

LG was reported to sit on top of the world with its LCD output. Why does it not focus resources on keeping that position rather than on promoting Cinema 3D TVs?

As said, we are now pursuing the target to be No.1 brand in 3D market. The high LCD output record was made by consumers’ demand. However, we see that the public demand for Cinema 3D TVs has swollen. That’s why we are planning to invest more in this product range. We have always thought of our future and renewing management. We are thinking what solutions and technologies will be the best in the future. We will focus more on 3D technology, especially on the development of FPR technology, the science behind Cinema 3D. Moreover, LG will strengthen its marketing activities, including both in-shop and out-shop, helping our 3D products more familiar, more accessible and more valuable to all consumers.


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