Let’s paint villages red

11:29 | 13/02/2019
AkzoNobel’s community programmes have brought a touch of colour and connectedness to villages by repainting streets and walls to better local people’s lives.
lets paint villages red
3D frescoes are lightening up Ly Son Island to attract more tourists

Five years ago, travellers arrived to Ly Son Island because of its wilderness, which is somehow rooted in the poverty of its people. Now, they come to find a different thing: a painted street. Completed in the summer of 2018 by 40 volunteer students, 3D frescoes lighten up the new road to the sea. Since then, tourists found another reason to discover the poor island, which benefits Be Islet a lot. The colourful pictures attract more tourists, helping local people improve their livelihoods. Furthermore, they might help to reduce the pressure to exploit near-shore fisheries and other unsustainable marine exploitation ways, according to Pamela Phua, general director of AkzoNobel Vietnam, the sponsor of the painting programme. “We also believe that a village in the middle of the sea with artful frescoes containing clear messages will inspire locals and visitors to consciously preserve the beauty of one of the most unique places in Vietnam,” said Phua.

These benefits were proved by other programmes conducted in the Canh Duong fishing village (Quang Binh province) two years ago and Dai Lanh Lighthouse (Phu Yen province) last year. After being repainted with Dulux Weathershield – one of the most premium exterior paints, Dai Lanh Lighthouse has become an attractive tourist destination, especially for young travellers. The coating also helps maintain the long-lasting beauty of this famous architectural work by protecting it against extreme oceanic climate.

The three programmes were part of a long-term project called Let’s Colour by AkzoNobel. It includes a series of events that happen around the world where the brand engages with local communities to transform dull and grey spaces into something more interesting using colour paints. Within nearly a decade since inception, painting projects under Let’s Colour have been benefitting more than 81 million people with 2,000 projects implemented, 48,000 people trained, and nearly 1.4 million litres of paint donated.

Besides, paint is believed to have the transformational power to uplift communities and energise cities and villages around the world. In fun and surprising ways, these walls have brought communities together in celebrating unity, kindness, and connection. Recently, in March 2018, the joint Let’s Colour – Walls of Connection campaign brought together artists and local communities to paint 100 walls in 40 cities. In Vietnam, villages and symbolic architectural works across the country have been repainted and 100 schools are planning to have a new coating within the “AkzoNobel accompanies you to school” programme. However, this is just a starting point.

Phua outlined AkzoNobel’s plans in the country in the near future: “We are going to continue executing projects in different segments, such as education, natural resource conservation, and the protection of iconic architectural works, which benefit local people the most. All these works can be done through our internal community programme or via collaboration with other partners. We are assured about the further success of the Let’s Colour project for its genuine values of uplifting communities all over the world and in Vietnam through the power of colour.”

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