Lennar Corporation introduces US properties to Vietnamese customers

18:22 | 25/06/2019
Global Real Corporation(Interhome) joined force with Lennar Corporation– the largest real estate group in the United States – to introduce real estate projects in the US to Vietnamese consumers.
lennar corporationintroduces us properties to vietnamese customers
Interhome and Lennar International organised a sales event in Ho Chi Minh City

The fast-paced development of the US real estate market has caught the eyes of many Vietnamese investors. Thus, Interhome tied up with Lennar Corporation to provide a safe and easy solution for Vietnamese investors to invest, trade, and own American property. Interhome has received the attention of many investors who wish to own property in the US.

There are many reasons that make American real estate attractive to Vietnamese investors, such as high yields. Many investors purchase American property for their children to study and settle down in the US as well as for travelling and leisure purposes. Interhome will help customers to choose suitable properties to meet their needs even though they have never set foot in the US.

Interhome also gave virtual reality (VR) home tours at the sales event held in Ho Chi Minh City last weekend. Homebuyers can explore typical houses in the East Texas area as well as mordern buildings in Florida.

lennar corporationintroduces us properties to vietnamese customers
Customers on a virtual reality tour to properties in the US

Thanks to the tie-up with Interhome, Lennar Corporation can understand the expectations of both Vietnamese customers and investors so that the firm can introduce the most suitable projects to meet the demand of homebuyers. Lennar International's experts also shared an update about the growing American real estate as well as luxury projects with full amenities in major cities. The sales event gives a chance for investors to learn more about how to own quality projects in the US in a transparent and safe way.

At the event, customers had a chance to win a tour to explore houses in the US, a consultancy package worth $10,000, and other attractive presents.

Global Real Corporation (Interhome) is a pioneer in providing comprehensive solutions for US-based properties and in being a connection for Vietnamese investors who want to buy properties abroad.

Not only bringing potential property projects which can benefit investors, Interhome also offers legal support to make it easier to buy and lease or resettle in residential projects in any state of the US.

Founded in 1954 and headquartered in Miami and listed on the New York Stock Exchange – Florida (NYSE: LEN), Lennar Corporationis the biggest real estate developer in the US. With a turnover of $20.57 billion in 2018, Lennar International provides residential projects in 21 states and 50 cities in the US, with customers coming from 102 countries, including Vietnam.

By Vy Nguyen

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