KPMG highlights the way forward

10:00 | 14/08/2012
A conference "Global Trends- Opportunities and Challenges" was held by KPMG and VIR at Hanoi’s Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel on August 14.

The conference is a part of KPMG International's global chairman Michael J. Andrew's visit to Vietnam this week aimed at the Vietnamese government, international organisations in Vietnam and business community to highlight investment opportunities and prospects in Vietnam.

Speaking at the conference, Andrew said global economy was extremely different place than it was 100 days ago with loss of confidence and greater uncertainty.

"There are four risks causing uncertainty – the Eurozone crisis, the US political gridlock, extent of slowdown in China and tensions in Middle East. And Vietnam is not immune from the risk and uncertainty being experienced in the world," he said.

Andrew also pointed out 10 global trends happening which were West/East, North/South, change in trade patterns, competition for liquidity, business models global, growth and austerity, closed economies, business reputation and business ethics, corporate governance, energy and technology.

While Western economies were weighed down and could not be worked through quickly, international investors trended to seek for investment opportunities in Asian and other developing markets

"How governments can catch this chance was to build confidence with policies that promote investment through open and transparent market," he said.

Also in his visit, Andrew had a meeting with Vietnam's Deputy Prime Minister Vu Van Ninh.

Ninh briefed Andrew on Vietnam’s economic-financial development, saying that during this year and several years to come, the government would pursue its targets of curbing inflation and maintaining macro-economic stability and appropriate growth, which would serve sustainable development in the following years.

In the meeting, KPMG as the largest professional services provider in Vietnam, also emphasized its efforts to contribute in Vietnam's economic development and integration in the global and regional economies.

Andrew who was assigned as KPMG International's global chairman in 2011stressed Vietnam’s potential in South East Asia, saying that KPMG continued committing its long-term presence, renewing technology and improving the quality of human resources to providing its leading audit, tax and advisory services to Vietnamese firms as well as foreign investors.

Warrick Cleine, CEO of KPMG Vietnam, said: "KPMG has been working with many Vietnam's leading companies including foreign and domestic invested ones. The visit of KPMG International's global chairman in Vietnam showed our commitment to provide international-standard services to our customers."

KPMG International is one of global networks of professional service firms providing audit, tax and advisory services. It operates in 152 countries with more than 145,000 people working in its member firms around the world.

KPMG Vietnam was established in 1994.

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