KPMG gets in behind promising students

13:48 | 10/01/2011
KPMG Vietnam last week officially launched the “KPMG Excellence Scholarship Programme”, aiming at supporting high-performing students from Vietnam’s major accounting, foreign trade, economics and business universities.

The scholarship programme reaffirms KPMG’s commitment to contribute to the development of human resources in Vietnam. 

In total, 10 scholarships will be awarded to students of key local universities in 2011. The third year students who are entering their final year of study will be eligible to apply for the scholarships, each of which is valued at $1,500, which is designed to cover the cost of tuition, textbooks, and other incidentals.

More importantly, scholarship recipients will also be given the opportunity to participate in KPMG’s market-leading internship programme, and assume full-time work responsibilities with KPMG Vietnam upon graduation.

Warrick Cleine, CEO of KPMG said: “At KPMG, we believe that there should be no barriers to receiving an education. We are proud to support education efforts across the country, especially for local Vietnamese students.

With the launch of the KPMG Excellence Scholarship, we hope to make the dream of a university education more affordable and accessible for those high performing students who are experiencing financial hardship.”

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