KOICA funds healthcare services in Hanoi

09:23 | 30/06/2012
Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) last week granted Hanoi’s Vietnam-Korea Friendship Clinic in Saint Paul Hospital three ultrasound machines worth $90,000.

The machines include one portable ultrasound, one thyroid and cardiac ultrasound and one musculoskeletal ultrasonography.

Besides the equipment, KOICA is will assign three doctors to work at the clinic. At the handover ceremony, the doctors said they hoped the medical diagnosis and treatment quality at the hospital would be improved thanks to these ultrasounds, supplementing the hospital’s medical equipments.

The Vietnam-Korea Friendship Clinic has received $1.3 million from KOICA to upgrade into a four-storey building since 2006-2007. Previously, KOICA provided aid to carry out the project’s phases one and two including medical equipment provision and voluntary doctor dispatch.

Three above-mentioned doctors are going to complete their voluntary mission in October of this year, after 28 months devoting themselves to the hospital’s medical care and other free health check-up activities at the remote areas in Vietnam.

In a related development, the Korean agency last week transferred a set of learning and playing material worth $10,000 to a kindergarten in Haiphong port city. The kindergarten was built in 2008 with the fund of $70,000 from KOICA volunteer Yang Jin Hyun.

KOICA is sending around 60 volunteers per year to render services of healthcare, education and sports in Vietnam.

By Dong Hoa


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