Khanh Hoa cultural site threatened by stagnant tourism project

09:22 | 29/05/2018
Authorities in the central coastal province of c has just asked investor of the Bao Dai Villas Resort & Spa to adjust the construction plan to preserve the historical relic.
khanh hoa cultural site threatened by stagnant tourism project
The construction of the Bao Dai Villas Resort & Spa has largely changed the Canh Vong Hill. Photo by nld

Director of Khanh Hoa Provincial Department of Culture and Sports, Nguyen Khac Ha, said on May 25 they had sent an instruction to Khanh Ha Company, the project's investor, on the preservation of five old villas when carrying out the project.

The instruction came after some photos which showed many parts of the sites being destroyed by the construction, causing public anger.

"We have asked the investor to protect the relic following the Law on Cultural Heritage," Ha said. "We have also carefully checked and transferred all the items in the five villas to the investor for preservation."

According to the department, the Bao Dai Villas Resort & Spa project was approved in 2013 on an area of 8.9 hectares of land and 4.7 hectares of water surface. The project will build 36 villas, a five-star hotel with 108 rooms, a golf course, a wharf, restaurants, spa, and gym facilities. With total investment of USD40 million, this is expected to be the eight five-star projects in Nha Trang City and will be put into operation by the end of this year.

However, the project is now still working on the foundations after five years of construction. The stagnant construction progress has badly affected the site. A report from the provincial Department of Planning and Investment announced recently said that the project is facing slow progress due to problems relating to the licensing of some works which may affect the site.

Director of Khanh Ha Company, Bien Van Hoa, reassured that the project was still being carried out following the approved construction plan.

"Things may look a bit in a mess now," Hoa said. "But I'm sure the public will support us when we complete the project."

Hoa also said that they have proposed to local authorities to restore and turn the five old villas into exhibition houses and dining area.

"In the old construction plan, these five old villas would be used as guest rooms," he explained. "But now we think that they will be better preserved if we used them for other purposes. We are trying to complete the project and put into operation by late 2019."

The Bao Dai Villas was listed as a cultural and historical site in 1995. The site includes five villas locating on Canh Vong Hill and look over Nha Trang Bay. The villas used to host King Bao Dai's family during their holidays between 1940-1945. Many personal items and furniture used by the king's family are still preserved here.


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