Johnsonville looks for meat processing firms in Asia and Vietnam

08:18 | 18/06/2019
Johnsonville, the leading United States-based sausage provider, is looking for processing firms in Asia to grow its presence in the international market. The firm is receptive to forming joint-ventures, acquisition or seller approaches, said managing director Arun Khanna.

In June 2019, Johnsonville announced successful co-operation with Frabelle Fishing Corp. (Philippines) in a bid to take advantage of the Philippines’ large market for hotdogs and other frozen meat products, The Manila Times reported.

Founded in 1945, Johnsonville is one of the biggest sausage providers in the US and reached the highest revenue of all sausage brands, with annual revenue of $1 billion. It offers a wide range of products, including traditional smoked-cooked links, brats, grillers, Italian, and breakfast sausages to more innovative chicken sausages, meatballs, and sausage accompaniments such as mustard and rolls.

johnsonville looks for meat processing firms in asia and vietnam
US-based sausage provider Johnsonville is looking for partners in Asia, including Vietnam

Vietnam, one of the fastest developing countries with increasing population and rising income, has lured the attention of Johnsonville. The firm is considering the best approache to penetrate the Vietnamese market as well as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, probably by acquisitions or joint ventures.

Local companies with advanced technology and the same customer focus would be the perfect partners for Johnsonville. This move clearly indicates Johnsonville’s ambition of increasing its international footprint in Southeast Asia.

By Luu Huong

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