Israeli band to debut at Monsoon music fest

10:57 | 08/11/2017
Israeli artists will participate for the first time at the Monsoon Music Festival held November 11-12 in Hà Nội.
We are three: Israeli top electronic music band Garden City Movement (GCM) will perform at the Monsoon Music Festival on November 12 in Hà Nội. - Photo Courtesy of the Embassy of Israel

Top notch Israeli electronic music band Garden City Movement (GCM) will take part in the event held at the spacious grounds of the Thăng Long Imperial Citadel.

Formed in 2014, GCM is an indie pop band based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The band members are: Roi Avital (Vocal, Keyboards, Guitar), Joe Joe Saar (Guitar, Sampler, Keyboards) and Johnny Sharoni (Vocals, Sampler, Percussion). With a versatile range of performing genres, GCM seamlessly brings together contemporary and traditional music influences.

Over the last three years, the multiple-day Monsoon Music Festival has become a leading cultural event in the capitaly city. This year, the festival will continue to bring various genres and extensive hours of live stage performances from both nationally and internationally well-established artists as well as up-and-coming ones.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Việt Nam and Israel in 1993, the two countries have witnessed a blooming partnership in all spheres including education and culture.

Seeing culture as an ideal bridge to connect people, the Israeli embassy has focused on promoting art exchanges and activities in Việt Nam, including film festivals, exhibitions, contemporary dances, gastronomy events and music performances.


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