mutual goals vital for post ma success Mutual goals vital for post M&A success

By Nam Phuong 18:00 | 08/08/2018

The third session of Vietnam M&A Forum 2018 dealt with how buyers and sellers in a deal can find a common ground and reach long-term success together.

vietnam ma forum 2018 opens 10th edition Vietnam M&A Forum 2018 opens 10th edition

By Nam Phuong 14:58 | 08/08/2018

Vietnam M&A Forum began its 10th annual edition today in Ho Chi Minh City, with the attendance of Deputy Prime ...

fear of losses keeps ma in pharma humble Fear of losses keeps M&A in pharma humble

14:00 | 08/08/2018

Despite a growing trend towards mergers and acquisitions in the lucrative pharmaceutical industry, few valuable transactions have been achieved so ...

ceos meet the challenges of an uncertain world CEOs meet the challenges of an uncertain world

14:00 | 08/08/2018

For our fourth annual Global CEO Outlook survey, we reached out to 1,300 CEOs of large companies across sectors from ...

fast growing e commerce market spurs ma deals Fast-growing e-commerce market spurs M&A deals

By Thanh Van 14:00 | 08/08/2018

Foreign investors increasingly acquire stakes in and form joint ventures with Vietnam’s e-commerce companies, spurring mergers and acquisitions in the ...

ma to grow on after record 2017 M&A to grow on after record 2017

10:00 | 08/08/2018

After a record-breaking 2017, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) volumes are poised for further expansion driven by growing investor confidence in ...

ey sees slight cooldown in regional ma transactions EY sees slight cooldown in regional M&A transactions

By Trang Nguyen 09:00 | 08/08/2018

The mergers and acquisitions outlook across Southeast Asia has cooled down slightly after witnessing record-high deals in the past six ...

the 15 biggest ma deals 2009 2018 The 15 biggest M&A deals 2009-2018

08:00 | 08/08/2018

Over the past 10 years, Vietnam has witnessed a number of high-value mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions in a variety ...

market wide open for a new ma era Market wide open  for a new M&A era

By Trang Nguyen 14:00 | 03/08/2018

A new era for mergers andacquistions in Vietnam is now coming to fruition as 92 per cent of state capital ...

vietnam ma forum top ten deals in 2009 2018 Vietnam M&A Forum: Top ten deals in 2009-2018

By Kim Oanh 17:35 | 24/07/2018

VIR and AVM Vietnam announced the 100 largest M&A deals since Vietnam M&A Forum was launched 10 years ago. Here ...

retail consumer goods and real estate will lead 2018 ma market Retail, consumer goods, and real estate will lead 2018 M&A market

17:31 | 24/07/2018

Retail, consumer goods, and real estate are forecasted to lead the Vietnamese mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market in 2018. In ...

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