korea investment management kim acquires vietnamese fund manager Korea Investment Management (KIM) acquires Vietnamese fund manager

By Thanh Van 19:30 | 13/02/2020

Korea Investment Management has been given the green light to acquire all shares of local Hung Viet Fund Management JSC.

vivid ma picture ahead due to legal fine tuning Vivid M&A picture ahead due to legal fine-tuning

14:00 | 17/01/2020

Last year was an impressive one for Vietnam’s mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market, and M&A in Vietnam is projected to ...

flurry of activity upcoming in ma Flurry of activity upcoming in M&A

By Bich Thuy 09:00 | 17/01/2020

Driven by strong economic growth prospects and potential for state-owned enterprise equitisation, more Singaporean investment is expected to flow via ...

the shape of things to come in vietnams ma domain The shape of things to come in Vietnam’s M&A domain

14:00 | 16/01/2020

Vietnam’s mergers and acquisitions market expects to see the winds of change in 2020.

pending frustrations in ma unnerve investors Pending frustrations in M&A unnerve investors

By Luu Huong 15:00 | 15/01/2020

Though mergers and acquisitions in Vietnam’s banking sector have ballooned recently, tie-ups between foreign and local lenders are not without ...

ma in tech drives a digital overhaul M&A in tech drives a digital overhaul

By Thanh Van 16:00 | 09/01/2020

Investors are looking to mergers and acquisitions as the fastest route to embracing digital transformation in Vietnam’s flourishing tech scene.

preparing for the equitisation rush Preparing for the equitisation rush

14:00 | 09/01/2020

Vietnam is now committed to boosting equitisation of many state-owned enterprises in order to create a level playing field.

banking ma activity could surpass 2019 outcomes Banking M&A activity could surpass 2019 outcomes

By Luu Phan 10:28 | 08/01/2020

The recent rising appetite for M&A in Vietnamese banks from South Korean investors may be a positive sign reflecting a ...

mega 2019 deals set stage for intriguing ma scene this year Mega 2019 deals set stage for intriguing M&A scene this year

10:22 | 08/01/2020

M&A activity was a spotlight in Vietnam’s foreign investment picture in 2019, and is expected to further increase over the ...

temptation across the board for ma gains Temptation across the board for M&A gains

10:18 | 08/01/2020

With a strong performance in 2019, the merger and acquisition investment trend in Vietnam is projected to push forward with ...

ktg industrial pioneers vietnams digital convergence KTG Industrial pioneers Vietnam’s digital convergence

By Nguyen Huong 09:49 | 07/01/2020

Industry 4.0 is making a massive impact across all areas of life and business, transforming every facet of production – ...

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