Investing in tech is the entrepreneur’s greatest move

22:29 | 22/03/2018
Being a successful entrepreneur is all about making the most money from the least amount of resources possible. Today, with a little knowledge, some software, and a way to get online, you can bank some cash without leaving the house. It is fair to say that the boom is over, so it will not be easy to make a website and cash out for millions. But, as cyberspace has evolved, so have the potential revenue streams you can tap into.
investing in tech is the entrepreneurs greatest move

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For the best part of the last decade, trading in stocks and shares through trading apps has been a great way to make money as an online entrepreneur. Thanks to the almost non-existent startup costs, low barriers to entry, and wealth of information online, businesses types have found a home in the investment world.

Perhaps the most efficient option in this world is spread betting. Essentially a short-term investment strategy, spread betting allows you to speculate on whether the price of a commodity is going to rise or fall.

The benefit of this, aside from giving you just two simple options, is the number of markets out there. When you start online, the leading platforms have over 15,000 spread betting markets to choose from. This means you can pick something that fits your interests and, in theory, have a better insight into certain products.

A smarter way to invest your time

investing in tech is the entrepreneurs greatest move

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Of course, technology can always supplement your own experience with a wealth of statistical data and facts. However, it is always a good idea to have a solid starting point by trying to find a market that suits any knowledge you might already have.

Along similar lines, spread betting are cryptocurrency investments. Bitcoin’s value has increased dramatically this year and that has created more interest in cryptocurrencies in general. As well as Bitcoin, savvy investors can now put their funds in Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and recent upstarts like Dash and Ripple.

Making money from cryptocurrency is almost the same as spread betting, except that you are actually buying the commodity (i.e. the currency) and not just speculating on it.

By surveying the market and looking at recent trends, you can buy a certain amount of cryptocurrency based on your goals. For instance, with Bitcoin making huge leaps in short periods of time, you could use this as a way of making a quick profit.

In contrast, newer options such as Ripple could be used as a long-term investment. Like spread betting, nothing is ever guaranteed.

However, if you can compare current data with historical trends and news updates that can affect the value of a currency, there is every chance you can turn a profit buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

When you consider these options, it is easy to see why smarter entrepreneurs are now investing their time and money online. By using a few simple resources and a bit of brainpower, it is possible to turn a profit in a short space of time with the minimum amount of fuss.

By Paul Mann

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