world bank lauds business reforms World Bank lauds business reforms

By Vu Long 18:01 | 19/09/2005

The World Bank last week recognised impressive progress of the Vietnamese government in its reform programmes to create a more favourable business environment.

VASEP talks down basa, tra US ban reports

By Nguyen Hong 18:01 | 29/08/2005

The Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) said that previous reports of a ban on the sale of ...

City online for digital internet

18:01 | 22/08/2005

Vietnam Power Telecom and Saigontourist Cable Television (SCTV) have launched a digital internet service via the television cable network in ...

job seeking no longer hard labour Job seeking no longer hard labour

By Duong Nguyen 18:01 | 15/08/2005

Job seekers are in a better position to find work following a second quarter increase in demand for labour.The news ...

New FDI model makes debut

By Thu Ha 18:02 | 08/08/2005

The holding company model, a managerial and organisational form used widely in most countries with a developed market economy, made ...

warning fraudsters eye up banks Warning: fraudsters eye up banks

By Thu Ha 18:02 | 01/08/2005

Banking experts last week alerted Vietnam to the risk of international criminals taking advantage of fledgling banking system to conduct ...

PM clips state officials’ wings to lift economy

By Thu Ha 18:02 | 25/07/2005

Government officials have been ordered to stay at home and focus on steering the economy towards achieving 9.3 per cent ...

SBV prods SOEs to clear bad debts

By Van Anh 18:02 | 18/07/2005

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has called for the government to tighten regulations on debt repayments by state-owned corporations ...

private firms to line up for taste of beer sales Private firms to line up for taste of beer sales

By Thanh Huong 18:02 | 11/07/2005

It is expected that Vietnamese people will be gulping down 25 litres of beer per capita by 2010, and to ...

pm to jolt tardy power plants PM to jolt tardy power plants

By Ngoc Son 18:02 | 04/07/2005

The prime minister is sparking action to ensure work on Vietnam’s new power plants proceeds as quickly as possible, in ...

Cigarette profits to go up in smoke

By Vu Long 18:02 | 28/06/2005

Cigarette makers are facing watching their profit margins go up in smoke as two new regulations designed to cut down ...

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