alternative promotion channels in productive use Alternative promotion channels in productive use

By Hai Nam 10:02 | 19/10/2020

Organising webinars and combining with international organisations to promote foreign direct investment attraction is becoming the country’s top new strategy in the midst of the challenging health crisis.

japan deepens infrastructure activity Japan deepens infrastructure activity

By Nguyen Dat 09:30 | 19/10/2020

With Vietnam strongly accelerating the construction of infrastructure works in service of national socioeconomic development, Japan is expected to continue ...

actions plans to mobilise a new major wave of fdi Actions plans to mobilise a new major wave of FDI

By Nguyen Huong 09:07 | 19/10/2020

A particularly harsh 2020 has nevertheless put Vietnam in a strong position to attract foreign investment.

new japanese pm cementing bonds New Japanese PM cementing bonds

By Thanh Thu 08:45 | 19/10/2020

With the official visit by Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide to Vietnam taking place this week, the Southeast Asian nation is ...

preparing nation for the digital era Preparing nation for the digital era

By Nguyen Dat 08:00 | 17/10/2020

The business community in Vietnam is waiting for clear legal documents on digitalisation development for them to perform better in ...

binh duong industrial parks prepare for growing fdi flows Binh Duong industrial parks prepare for growing FDI flows

16:51 | 16/10/2020

Binh Duong Province, which is a major destination for foreign investment, has been focusing on developing industrial parks.

asean pushes forward with 5g connectivty cooperation ASEAN pushes forward with 5G connectivty cooperation

By Huong Thanh 10:00 | 16/10/2020

As ASEAN chair this year, Vietnam is playing a crucial role in further cementing joint activities within the bloc via ...

new ftas puts logistics in limelight New FTAs puts logistics in limelight

By Thanh Van 09:00 | 16/10/2020

New-generation free trade agreements are increasing the importance of domestic logistics groups, with Vietnam emerging as a safe yet high-return ...

ma activities signal promising fortunes M&A activities signal promising fortunes

By Thanh Van 08:00 | 15/10/2020

Although merger and acquisition levels dropped in 2020 across Vietnam, the prospect for such activities remain bright for next year ...

japanese favouring a vietnam1 strategy Japanese favouring a Vietnam+1 strategy

By Thanh Van 14:56 | 14/10/2020

A series of Japanese businesses are forging partnerships with local vendors in an attempt to diversify business strategies.

the challenges ahead in attracting high quality fdi The challenges ahead in attracting high-quality FDI

14:50 | 14/10/2020

The world has been heavily affected during the COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning of the year, which has caused a ...

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