crafting a workable ppp law in 2020 Crafting a workable PPP law in 2020

08:00 | 29/01/2020

As Vietnam prepares to enter a new development period in 2021 amid global economic changes and the widespread influence of Industry 4.0 and free trade agreements, the country is seeking to increase its appeal to ...

hsbc exits vinh tan 3 thermal power project HSBC exits Vinh Tan 3 thermal power project

By Kim Oanh 23:19 | 28/01/2020

The fate of Vinh Tan 3 coal-fired power plant has become uncertain now that HSBC announced withdrawing as the financial ...

textile sector set for success Textile sector set for success

17:00 | 28/01/2020

The Vietnamese textile and garment industry continued its big role as a key driver of Vietnam’s exports.

new decade of growth built on diligent and smart work New decade of growth built on diligent and smart work

11:00 | 28/01/2020

As one of the fastest-growing economies, Vietnam still needs to reduce regulatory burdens and promote economic integration to achieve the ...

launching a fruitful and bright decade Launching a fruitful and bright decade

10:00 | 27/01/2020

The year 2020 is expected to bring about both opportunities and challenges for Vietnam to soar higher. High-profile experts provide ...

a strong vietnam by virtue of digital technology A strong Vietnam by virtue of digital technology

By Huu Tuan 08:00 | 27/01/2020

Digital technology will be the key for Vietnam to realise the target of growing into a powerful nation with a ...

shaping tourism chains of the coast Shaping tourism chains of the coast

By Thanh Pham 15:00 | 26/01/2020

The central region looks set to spur on development of urban coastal tourism chains, leveraging the generous presence of stunning ...

ample opportunities for infrastructure investors Ample opportunities for infrastructure investors

08:00 | 26/01/2020

The transport sector could make a breakthrough in investment mobilisation for national key projects this year. Minister of Transport Nguyen ...

developing smart healthcare systems Developing smart healthcare systems

By Bich Thuy 16:00 | 25/01/2020

In line with Vietnam’s smart healthcare development scheme by 2025, domestic pharmaceutical giants are burning into sci-tech, while multinational corporations ...

overseas vietnamese return with tech skills Overseas Vietnamese return with tech skills

16:00 | 25/01/2020

Vietnam is calling for all resources at home and from overseas Vietnamese people in order to fuel the country’s socio-economic ...

industry and trade to shine on in 2020 Industry and trade to shine on in 2020

10:00 | 25/01/2020

The year 2019 featured significant targets and milestones – both for the five-year Socio-economic Development Plan (2016-2020) and the 10-year ...

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