Southern CPI figures heading southwards

By Song Huong 14:23 | 30/08/2010

Ho Chi Minh City’s consumer price index figures reveal a decline this month, against the capital city’s trend.

Sideways looks at Guang Lian steel plan

By Nhu Ngoc 10:34 | 30/08/2010

A heavyweight proposal to step up steel production into Vietnam’s already flooded steel market is being treated wearily by the ...

MPI’s bright regional vision

By Nguyen Thanh 10:17 | 30/08/2010

Vietnam is exceeding expectations in building a regional long term cooperation framework for the next decade.

hospitals in bad health Hospitals in bad health

By Thanh Tung 21:58 | 29/08/2010

We will have to pay more for treatment. But, we have run out of money and we do not qualify ...

investors forced to walk the talk Investors forced to walk the talk

By Nhu Ngoc 21:51 | 29/08/2010

[Decentralisation] was also a reason for poor quality FDI projects

Lazy projects get the axe

By Ly An 21:28 | 29/08/2010

Most of registered projects in 2008, 2009 and 2010 are still in a preparation process. This is the main reason ...

Forest plan uprooted?

By Nguyen Thanh 21:15 | 29/08/2010

Locals are mostly lazy and not ready to engage in the project

nation takes lead in regional cooperation Nation takes lead in regional cooperation

By Thanh Tung 21:12 | 29/08/2010

Vietnam will table an avalanche of initiatives for intensifying regional economic cooperation during upcoming regional economic ministerial meetings.

PepsiCo to put fizz into the market

By VIR 21:02 | 29/08/2010

“We promise to do our best to sustain the growth of the company as well as continue to provide benefits ...

Voices grow to tweak controls

By VIR 20:52 | 29/08/2010

Local banks have flexed their muscles and demanded banking authorities relax strict safety controls.

Steel glut fears more acute

By Ngoc Linh 20:48 | 29/08/2010

A $16 billion steel project in Ha Tinh province plans to raise its capacity despite the country’s looming glut of ...

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