hand to help foreign investors in twin cities Hand to help foreign investors in twin cities

By Minh Thien 11:49 | 03/11/2010

Investors in Ho Chi Minh City and Danang can now find transparent investment information through a web-based e-regulations system launched yesterday.

Asia-Pacific Drilling techno-talks begin

16:24 | 02/11/2010

  The eighth biennial Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference, which opened November 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, will include an ...

retail sales hit one year high in october Retail sales hit one-year high in October

15:22 | 02/11/2010

Total retail sales revenue of commodities and services in October reached VND136.3 trillion ($7.17 billion), the highest monthly level this ...

US manufacturing powers up in October: ISM

08:25 | 02/11/2010

US manufacturing unexpectedly picked up steam in October, raising hopes for a strong final quarter that could underpin a flagging ...

november brings petrol prices up November brings petrol prices up

14:50 | 01/11/2010

November is expected to see a price rise in petroleum that is the highest in 2010.

japanese eyes still twinkling Japanese eyes still twinkling

By Lien Huong 11:41 | 01/11/2010

Japan’s foreign direct investment in Vietnam grew dramatically this year proving the ASEAN country’s value to the regional heavyweight.

rubber exports increase 92 per cent in first 10 months Rubber exports increase 92 per cent in first 10 months

10:59 | 01/11/2010

The rubber industry earned $1.67 billion from 600,000 tonnes of exports since the beginning of the year, according to the ...

eurocham members robust view EuroCham members’ robust view

By Minh Thien 21:44 | 31/10/2010

European firms’ confidence in the local business landscape is upbeat.

Duo eye on giant power project

By Lien Huong 21:44 | 31/10/2010

Chinese and South Korean investors are interested in cooperating with the United States-based AES Corporation to develop the $2.1 billion ...

petrol stabilisation fund here to stay despite opposition Petrol stabilisation fund here to stay despite opposition

By Nguyen Trang 21:44 | 31/10/2010

The Ministry of Finance is backing the petroleum price stabilisation fund despite mounting opposite.

safeguards for mineral auction Safeguards for mineral auction

By Thanh Tung 21:43 | 31/10/2010

Mining enterprises will be subject to more stringent business performance conditions under a revised Mineral Law.

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