Internet Day 2017: a platform for Vietnamese businesses to integrate into digital economy

15:00 | 21/11/2017
Businesses today had the opportunity to meet, discuss, and raise awareness about digital resources and economy at Internet Day 2017 organised by the Vietnam Internet Association (VIA) with the theme “Digital Transfer, Internet—The platform for Vietnamese businesses to integrate into the digital economy.” 
Expert talking about digital opportunities at Internet Day 2017

Through the two sessions on "Digital Resources–Opportunities and Challenges" and "Digital Economy in Vietnam–What's New for Vietnamese Enterprises,” businesses were provided with information on the value transfer process of traditional telecommunications and other types of Internet access, have a chance to meet and discuss with experts opportunities and challenges facing Vietnamese enterprises in e-commerce and value-added services on the Internet, as well as new business opportunities like fintech and blockchain.

Accordingly, Vietnamese enterprises are aware of the importance of making changes to take the initiative to approach the digital economy.

"As the traditional economy is approaching saturation, the electronic or digital economy has become a promising trend. To catch up with this new trend, Vietnamese enterprises are facing the need to change and update on modern technology applications in the world. A standard .com domain name is actively supporting Vietnamese companies in getting into the market and making cross-border transactions,” said Nguyen Van Hoc, director of P.A Vietnam, one of the leading domain providers in Vietnam.

An effective way of doing business online is to own a website that incorporates social media tools to deliver the message of the business and attract the attention of customers. Choosing the right domain is the first step to creating a trusted online presence in the customer's eyes, thereby contributing to the success of the venture.

Although there are abundant domain options, .com is still the standard domain name recognised in the online community, with 129.2 million domain names registered worldwide at the end of the second quarter of 2017.

Surveys show that enterprise's investment in .com is very small compared to its significant effect on branding. With the popularity of an internationally-recognised domain name, .com has a great appeal, a high level of brand recognition, and attracts not only domestic, but cross-border customers as well, offering many opportunities for Vietnamese companies to reach a global scale.

With the operational accuracy and stability of the Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure over the past 18 years with more than 129.2 million .com domains registered worldwide, this domain name is the right choice for Vietnamese businesses to ride the waves of the digital transformation and build leading business brands as well as online brands.

Twenty years ago, November 19 marked a significant milestone in the history of the Vietnamese telecommunication sector when the country officially connected to the Internet.

According to official statistics, internet users in Vietnam have reached the 50 million mark, equivalent to 54 per cent of population, higher than the global average of 46.46 per cent. Vietnam is among the Asian countries with the largest number of internet users.

Minister of Information and Telecommunications Truong Minh Tuan said that compared with the 31 million users in 2012, 17 million in 2007 or 205,000 in the early days of internet in Vietnam, having 50 million users in 2017 is truly impressive.

Over the past 20 years, Vietnam has also witnessed significant growth in internet-based services and products, such as digital content creation, media, advertising, video games, and e-commerce.

In addition, information technology and the internet solutions have made hundreds of public services available online, bringing substantial benefits to the people and enterprises.

Many government agencies and local authorities have also opened social media accounts in order to interact with people faster and more effectively.

However, Vietnam is still faced with a number of internet-borne problems, in addition to positive, transformative changes to society and the economy, said Minister Tuan.



By By Ha Vy

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