INTEK offers unique funding to ease entry into IT

11:50 | 04/08/2020
Amid the Fourth Industrial Revolution, employment in the IT sector is one the most future-ready career paths youngster can take nowadays. However, as quality education often comes with financial burden, INTEK’s financial aid programme lends support to talented students for an enabling environment of high-quality education.
1503p20 intek offers unique funding to ease entry into it
INTEK programmes prepare the younger generation for the future

As part of the technology development fund founded by INTEK’s initial members and IT companies partnering with the institute, the financial aid programme supplies a tuition subsidy for each beneficiary student. Until now, INTEK is the only IT institute in Vietnam executing such an innovative financial scheme.

According to Jennie Hoang Phuong, chief marketing and admissions officer at INTEK, to help students not to worry about any debt burden, the financial aid works as an interest-free loan and students’ tuition fees are waived during their studies. Especially, once students meet the eligibility criteria of the programme, they also take part in a 30-per-cent off scholarship from the technology development fund.

The programme is part of a revenue sharing agreement, which requires students to secure an amount of VND35 million ($1,500) on a fixed-term deposit account as a goodwill commitment out of the total tuition fee of VND175 million ($7,500).

Afterwards, they will derive appropriation from their monthly income for repayment until the full tuition is paid within four years upon graduation. Upon full repayment, their deposit will be returned to them.

The revenue sharing agreement is available for each student enrolling in a one or two year programme to become a full stack developer or solution architect at INTEK. In 2020, INTEK admits students through assessment programmes called Survival Mode and Blitz Mode. The necessary minimum score required to participate in the programme is 2.75 in both modes.

The Survival Mode is designed for students who do not have any clue about technology. After passing a gamified test orientating themselves in mathematical logic, students are getting a 14-day apprenticeship to take a closer look at the IT working environment. Subsequently, INTEK will let them know whether they have qualified for the training programme.

On the contrary, Blitz Mode is reserved for people with IT backgrounds. Within merely one day, applicants will participate in an IT IQ test, teamwork activities, and an interview – all set like a real recruitment day of IT companies.

Students who are accepted at INTEK have the chance to discover a stimulating educational environment without strict curricula, theories, teachers, classes, and homework. Instead, they will experience new ways of knowledge acquisition through real projects, improve necessary skills for future jobs, and educate themselves with the right mindset required for their advancement.

The scholarship programme aims to lighten the financial burden of recipients. While many young people are passionate about technology or have a flair for IT but cannot achieve high-quality education, the programme helps to circumvent their financial hardship, which somehow prevents students from keeping their dream alive.

INTEK, together with partnering IT companies funding the programme, hopes that the next IT generations are impeccably educated. Therefore, they aspire to ease students in the financial aspect to facilitate a successful learning environment. However, INTEK also insisted that students getting into the programme have to show their best efforts and keep the ball rolling throughout the study time.

INTEK claims that it is important for students to have explicit goals and a strong will to go with the programme. Its duty compliance will push students forward and not cease their exertions until they are well-qualified.

IT companies funding the programme are also looking for people they invest in. Those who are able to maintain scores of above 2.75 during the study period can work in some of these IT companies and earn an income fitting their ability.

Phuong added that to successfully run the programme, it is required for both INTEK and its students to cooperate. INTEK gives students a chance to step into a decent education. Meanwhile, beneficiary students are responsible for their choice and have to commit to the programme.

Through the programme, INTEK partly educates Vietnam’s young generation on how to cherish opportunities they get to sustain their future. Therefore, it is not about a one-way present from educators, but about the responsibility of recipients to cultivate the endowment.

Additionally, the money students borrow today to plan for their future will be added into the technology development fund to help the next IT generations at the institute. INTEK also hopes that their students will extend the value they receive back to the next generations.

By Truc Anh

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