Huawei launches three new products in Vietnam

09:57 | 18/02/2014
The leading mobile phone manufacturer, Huawei, yesterday officially introduced three new products to the Vietnamese market: smartphone Huawei Ascend G610, smartphone Huawei Y320 and the MediaPad 7 Youth tablet.

The launch of Huawei’s three new products is part of the company’s strategic investment and development plan for the medium and low range IT products market segment in Vietnam.

A recent study by Mediacells showed that of the 17.22 million smartphones projected to be sold in Vietnam in 2014, 14.2 million, equivalent to 82 per cent, will be sold to first-time smartphone users. In fact Vietnam is ranked third among countries with the fastest growing total of first-time smartphone users. This means that there is increasing diversity in the mobile phone market segment.

Acknowledging this trend, Huawei decided to develop a line of multi-functional smartphones at a reasonable price-point to satisfy the demand of many Vietnamese consumers.

In 2013, the launch of Huawei’s Ascend G700, the first product within the medium smartphone segment, was well received by consumers. The new Ascend G610 has similar functions but retails at an even lower price of VND3.99 million. The phone has a Quad-core 1.2GHz processor, and a five-inch touch screen with qHD definition and runs on the latest Android 4.2 operating system. With 1GB RAM memory, Ascend G610 is able to run the latest applications and games smoothly while maintaining a stable multitask experience.

For even greater value for money, Huawei’s new Ascend Y320 is one of the best-priced smartphones on the market. For just VND1.89 million, customers get the benefit of a sizable four inch touch screen with dual core processor that helps to increase web browsing speed. The Y320’s extensive app store can satisfy the demand of tech-lovers while the phone has a stylish and contemporary design and is easy to use..

As well as the two new smartphone products, Huawei launched its mid-range tablet the MediaPad 7 Youth, with dual core 1.6GHz. Weighing 350g with a width of 9.9mm, the tablet is a compact yet sturdy and powerful choice. A seven-inch vivid touch screen with 1024x600pixel definition provides a wonderful movie-watching experience. In addition, software such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint is provided with the device allowing users to view and edit documents. The 4100mAh battery provides five hours continuous life for watching movies With a competitive price of VND3.99 million, MediaPad 7 Youth is an ideal choice for technology fans.

“Huawei has realised the potential of the mid-range smartphone market in Vietnam. Smartphones and tablets have become familiar devices to the majority of people. However, there is still a large portion of the population who cannot afford more expensive models. With G610, Y320 and MediaPad 7 Youth, Huawei hopes to satisfy the demand of Vietnamese customers through the quality of the products and also their price,” Allen Wang, director of Huawei Vietnam’s Consumer Business Group, said.

Huawei’s three new products will be distributed by FPT to mobile retailers nationwide. Customers will receive the products faster and more conveniently with quality after-sale-service. The launch of these three products also marks the beginning of a partnerwhip between Huawei and FPT which was signed in January. Consumers can now experience these three new products at Tran Anh media mart, Hoang Ha Mobile World and many mobile phone retailers nationwide. 

By By Hoang Anh

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