Honeywell to help boost tech training

16:47 | 06/03/2013
The US-based firm Honeywell recently agreed with Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group and PetroVietnam University to open a new automation college in Hanoi to enhance the quality of Vietnam’s workforce.

Jose Simon, global director of Service Operations for Honeywell Process Solutions, talked with  VIR’s Mai Linh about this investment.

Would you share the objectives of Honeywell in this training partnership with PetroVietnam University?

To support the mission of PetroVietnam University of nurturing and developing high quality talent for Vietnam, Honeywell wishes to share our industry leading solutions and technologies, as well as our century-long experience and expertise to contribute to the development of Vietnam.

The college aims to boost technical skills and build a strong talent pool for the process industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Honeywell Process Solutions can help to improve a plant’s business performance with safety, reliability and efficiency. Honeywell’s integrated safety offerings protect a plant’s people and assets.

Honeywell solutions improve availability and reduce downtime through proactive asset management and early detection of potential problems ranging from corrosion to equipment failure. Honeywell solutions make people, process and assets more effective, resulting in improved productivity and reduced costs.

Is there any difference in the training programmes under this partnership and other global training programmes of Honeywell Automation College?

Honeywell’s Vietnam Automation College will offer students the same global training environment and quality provided to Honeywell’s customers and employees. Especially in Vietnam, the students who are mainly engineers will maximise their knowledge by applying customised courses with their real experience. At Honeywell, we have an unrelenting focus on quality, delivery, value and technology in everything we make and do. Partners of Honeywell in Vietnam have gained the value from an integrated Honeywell solution, as well as our strong engineering expertise and proven track record in meeting fast-track delivery schedules.

How is the application of the training courses for automation on oil and gas production?

In general, factories and production lines in vertical markets need the basic procedures. The training courses will enable students to apply basic skills and are also customised to work effectively to specific subjects in oil and gas  exploration and processing. Students are mainly experienced professionals and engineers who are able to easily customise the knowledge for their job requirements.

What is your evaluation of Vietnamese students’ skills and their ability to catch up with global students?

Vietnamese students absolutely can catch up with global students in a standard circumstance. That is the reason why Honeywell has established the training centre in Vietnam. With this establishment, Vietnamese students and experts can have more opportunity to access advanced technology.

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