Hoang Huy Group - Pursuit of green perfection

11:46 | 05/12/2020
Visitors to the northern city of Haiphong on a sunny summer day are enthralled by the Hoang Huy Riverside mixed-use complex standing tall over the port city’s vibrant vista, a landmark with its unique architecture and airy living spaces.
hoang huy group pursuit of green perfection
Hoang Huy Group - Pursuit of green perfection

Hoang Huy Riverside enjoys a prime location in the heart of Haiphong right on the bank of the Tam Bac River, which is the city’s symbol, with uncontested views over sparkling silver water. Adjacent to the major arteries and important economic, cultural, educational, and sports centres of the city, the building features a unique, aesthetically-pleasing architectural style.

With a scale of 325 apartments, Hoang Huy Riverside is divided into different functional subzones with peculiar styles catering to each type of real estate, including shophouses, villas, terraced houses, and more.

The shophouse subzone, spreading along the animated Hung Vuong road, is well-positioned to bolster trade activities. Along with serving the shopping habits of residents under the project, the shophouse quarter that is anticipated to accommodate a multitude of top-grade fashion and cosmetics brands along with thousands of consumer brands is expected to soon become a favourite destination for Haiphong residents.

The villas under Hoang Huy Riverside project feature a spectacular panorama overlooking the romantic river, yet adjoining the vibrant city centre. This golden location brings the villa residents an airy ambience amid lush green trees, putting minds at ease.

With wide internal roads, the villas are connected to the riverside and the public spaces where sports, entertainment, and networking activities take place every weekend, bringing Hoang Huy Riverside residents a pleasant life full of affection.

The terraced house zone dazzles with its semi-classical style with dome designs for each floor that carries both gorgeous classical and modern architectural features. Each five-floor apartment comes with a garden space right on its premises, enabling the owner and family members to stay close to nature, breathing fresh air every day.

Many families settling down at Hoang Huy Riverside are delighted with the living space and the vitality permeating the project and the residential community, making it an ideal destination for larger families.

Hoang Huy Riverside is testament to the skills and meticulous care of its developer, Hoang Huy Group, and is a continuation of its success in real estate development, crowning a string of projects lauded by customers, including premier apartment building Golden Land and high-end mixed-use complex Gold Tower in Hanoi, as well as apartment-terraced house complex Pruksa Town An Dong, the Le Loi premier apartment building, and the Hoang Huy Mall shophouse and terraced house complex in Haiphong.

The company is now in full throttle, preparing to kick-off the construction of Hoang Huy Commerce, a development consisting of an apartment complex and a trade centre. With its prime location on Vo Nguyen Giap road – the backbone of Haiphong connecting Hanoi-Haiphong Expressway with the city centre – Hoang Huy Commerce is being harangued in as one of the seamless and most modern real estate projects in the port city in the next two years.

Creating perfect living spaces for residents with breath-taking buildings for Haiphong and making increasing contributions to the country’s development are the prime targets of Hoang Huy Group on its journey towards crafting a more prosperous future for all.

By Giang Huyen

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