HoaBinh-pioneering breakthrough

15:40 | 14/09/2018
After more than 30 years of building a solid foundation in the domestic market, HoaBinh Corporation (HBC) is reaching out to the international market with higher and higher works.  
hoabinh pioneering breakthrough

“Giant” of inland construction market

After five times of being selected as “National brand”, constructing 77 works at the same time at localities all over the country, being present in four countries, HoaBinh has shown its steady steps in the process of reaching out to the sea of ​​integration.

In the country, HoaBinh is the top enterprise in the field of construction. By the end of quarter 2018, HBC has consistently won biddings of many large projects, of which only five big bidding packages have total value of more than VND5 trillion ($221.24 million). HoaBinh has become an important partner of many famous investors such as Sun Group, Empire Group, MIKGroup, Nam Long…

Up to now, HoaBinh Construction Group has carried out over 350 projects, both large and small ones, in which there are projects of up to hundreds of thousands of square meters of construction. These are Le Meridien Five-star Hotel, Saigon Center Complex, Tan Son Nhat International Airport Extension Terminal, Danang Cocobay Resort & Tourism Complex, German House, Estella Heights, Vinhome Landmark 4-5-6, Riviera Point and others. Looking at the massive work that HoaBinh has done, together with position and strength at the present time, we can see the full “statute” of a big man in the construction industry.

hoabinh pioneering breakthrough

Although dozens of large-scale projects are being implemented at the same time, HoaBinh not only ensures good management of construction quality and safety for many projects, many projects have even been implemented earlier than the planned progress.

The works such as the Jamila condos (District 9) with four towers, 25 floors was finished 40 days and the Riviera Point (District 7), three months earlier than the schedule and TNR Gold Season, Sunhome 2 were all finished earlier than the schedule, contributing to cost savings for investors and create conditions for goods for thousands of customers soon get the accommodation they wish.

Up to now, Vietnam's construction sector has gradually narrowed the gap and advanced to the level of developed countries. Many large-scale, high-difficulty projects are undertaken by domestic enterprises, acting as general contractors. In such common background, HoaBinh occupies a privileged position as one of the top five enterprises.

hoabinh pioneering breakthrough

And the daring “off the coast” plan

Building a good foundation with a series of large projects across three regions, being an important partner of many investors, HoaBinh's next plan is to reach out to the region and the world. This is considered to be a stone searching for growth motivation in foreign markets.

Not to the present that HoaBinh has though of “bring bell to conquer foreign lands”. The markets such as Malaysia and Myanmar are already marked by the pioneer of this Corporation.

In 2011, HoaBinh co-operated with UOA Real Estate Development Corporation to develop the project of residential area of ​​Sri Petaling in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). In 2013, HBC reclaimed the management of the GEMS (Myanmar) residential house, commercial center and hotel complex. The deployment of projects in these two countries has brought HoaBinh many experiences and confidence. Up to now, HoaBinh Construction Group is planning to explore the market and participate in more offshore projects: Laos, Kuwait, Australia, Canada, Japan, and Qatar.

Explaining the goal of expanding to the international market, Nguyen Huu Hien, foreign relations manager of the HBC said: “The instability of the domestic real estate market is a risk that inhibits the development of construction companies. Therefore, HoaBinh considers the strategy of expanding the market abroad, especially in countries with severe shortages in the construction industry such as Australia, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates is a key leading to further growth.”

In order to “succeed”, the careful preparation of the crew and the proper direction of the captain is indispensable. HoaBinh has well-prepared with a strong system of machinery and equipment and 6,000 employees, including foreign architects and oversea-trained overseas Vietnamese.

“According to our evaluation with over 30-year experience in the industry, Vietnam's construction industry is well positioned to compete in foreign markets if we have a national level suitable strategy”, said Le Viet Hai, chairman of the company.

Explaining this, Hai said, a Vietnamese construction contractor now has a huge advantage when competing in foreign markets. It is capable of providing high quality construction services but at a very low cost. The competitiveness of Vietnamese contractors is not only in the labor force, but also in construction materials as well as design consultancy services, construction supervision, project management and a wide range of related services.

hoabinh pioneering breakthrough
Leaders of HoaBinh Corporation visiting across-sea project in Japan

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, we must go together” – Being a pioneer, the leadership of HoaBinh Construction Group knows that if only HoaBinh outreaches to foreign countries, it cannot create Vietnam construction brand, and cannot create a competitive strength. To reach further, Hai said that the government should have a strategy to develop the construction industry into a key economic sector to compete in the international market.

This unit also submitted to the government 10 recommendations to expand construction investment abroad. With its pioneering role, HoaBinh Construction Group believes that it will create momentum for other supporting industries to develop. Then the sectors the steel, cement, electrical equipment, mechanical production, aluminum glass, together with the corporation, will form a closed supply chain.

The size of the construction market of 69 countries in the ranking has the opportunity to develop construction investment up to $8.975 billion. And that big market is still waiting for this construction giant of Vietnam like HoaBinh Construction Group explore.

By Nguyen Huong

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