first quarter growth fairly impressive First-quarter growth fairly impressive

By Ngan Thuy Ngoc 12:16 | 10/04/2021

Pham The Anh, chief economist from the Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research shares why first-quarter growth was truly encouraging.

fundamentals all in place for vietnamese stocks to take off Fundamentals all in place for Vietnamese stocks to take off

By Petri Deryng, portfolio manager, PYN Elite Fund 08:00 | 10/04/2021

I recently had a discussion with our team of analysts on what the key factors are when analysts issue recommendations ...

growth indicators to ensure an optimistic scenario Growth indicators to ensure an optimistic scenario

By Van Nguyen 08:00 | 09/04/2021

Striving to achieve a GDP growth rate of 6.5 per cent by the end of 2021 is both a goal ...

lack of raw materials threaten wood prices Lack of raw materials threaten wood prices

By Hai Van 10:00 | 08/04/2021

Input material prices for Vietnamese wood exporters have risen sharply, but most of them are stuck in the mud as ...

spurring solidarity and unity Spurring solidarity and unity

09:00 | 08/04/2021

Vietnam is entering its rotating chairmanship of the United Nations Security Council in April for the second time in its ...

hospitals struggling for autonomy Hospitals struggling for autonomy

By Bich Thuy 08:00 | 08/04/2021

Adding to the challenges brought forward last year, a lack of hospital fee increases in 2021 could put top-tier public ...

southeast asia poised with more ma opportunities in near to medium term Southeast Asia poised with more M&A opportunities in near-to-medium term

By EY 17:58 | 07/04/2021

Southeast Asia is expected to generate most of the growth and M&A opportunities in the near-to-medium term, according to EY Global ...

incident shows need for logistics resilience Incident shows need for logistics resilience

By Nguyen Thu 11:50 | 07/04/2021

Last week’s Suez Canal situation caused disruption to some of Vietnam’s exports and imports. Tran Thanh Hai, deputy director of ...

autumn bloom forecast for reopening of vietnams skies Autumn bloom forecast for reopening of Vietnam’s skies

By Bich Thuy 10:30 | 07/04/2021

The business community has shown warm appreciation to the phased scheme to reopen regular international flights for Vietnamese nationals and ...

11 billion going to pour into vietnams retail market $1.1 billion going to pour into Vietnam's retail market

By Nguyen Huong 14:24 | 05/04/2021

Despite the pandemic, Vietnam's retail landscape is still heavy with potential, drawing an investment project of $1.1 billion by Central ...

nguyen xuan phuc elected as state president Nguyen Xuan Phuc elected as State President

13:19 | 05/04/2021

The National Assembly (NA) elected Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Politburo member of the 13th tenure and a deputy of the 14th ...

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