grab vietnam spends 3 million supporting driver and merchant partners from covid 19 Grab Vietnam spends $3 million supporting driver and merchant partners from COVID-19

By Thanh Van 16:50 | 31/03/2020

Grab Vietnam has launched a support fund worth $3 million to assist drivers and delivery and merchant-partners during the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

three covid 19 patients in hcm city recover Three COVID-19 patients in HCM City recover

18:27 | 30/03/2020

Three COVID-19 patients in Ho Chi Minh City have fully recovered, said the hospital specialising in the acute respiratory disease ...

oxfam health spending in poor countries must double to prevent millions of deaths Oxfam: Health spending in poor countries must double to prevent millions of deaths

15:36 | 30/03/2020

Oxfam is working with local partners, ministries of heath, and key UN agencies in 65 poor countries to respond to ...

65 patients negative for sars cov 2 65 patients negative for SARS-CoV-2

15:26 | 30/03/2020

As of March 29 afternoon, 65 out of 188 COVID-19 patients in Vietnam tested negative for the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 ...

hanois cpi rises 523 percent in q1 Hanoi’s CPI rises 5.23 percent in Q1

15:23 | 30/03/2020

The consumer price index (CPI) of Hanoi in the first quarter of 2020 increased by 5.23 percent against the same ...

moit advocates care with outbound trade MoIT advocates care with outbound trade

By Phuong Thu 14:00 | 30/03/2020

Amid the surging global demand for food and foodstuffs due to the coronavirus outbreak, Vietnam is examining its export capabilities ...

halting rice exports to stabilise food supplies Halting rice exports to stabilise food supplies

By Bao Ngoc 10:00 | 30/03/2020

The Vietnamese government has asked rice exporters to temporarily suspend signing new export contracts in a bid to increase stockpiles ...

stress test necessary exercise to prepare for covid 19 impacts Stress test – Necessary exercise to prepare for COVID-19 impacts

08:00 | 30/03/2020

The impacts of COVID-19 are gradually appearing in many economies as the disease rapidly spreads across the globe

addressing nextgen unique needs Addressing NextGen unique needs

By Hoang Anh 08:00 | 30/03/2020

The next generation is ready to take the baton at Vietnamese family businesses, putting to the task their fresh ideas.

hanoi hastens efforts to handle covid 19 hotbed at bach mai hospital Hanoi hastens efforts to handle COVID-19 hotbed at Bach Mai Hospital

21:11 | 29/03/2020

Authorities in Hanoi are ramping up efforts to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus from Bach Mai Hospital, considered ...

ministry confirms five more covid 19 cases on march 29 morning Ministry confirms five more COVID-19 cases on March 29 morning

12:33 | 29/03/2020

Five more persons have tested positive for the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, raising the number of COVID-19 cases in Vietnam to ...

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