japanese fuki sangyo proposes high tech waste treatment project Japanese Fuki Sangyo proposes high-tech waste treatment project

By Bich Ngoc 18:20 | 26/09/2018

Fuki Sangyo has recently met with representatives from Ho Chi Minh City to propose investment projects to turn agricultural waste into electricity.

eu launches asia strategy to rival chinas new silk road EU launches Asia strategy to rival China's 'new Silk Road'

14:26 | 26/09/2018

As doubts grow over China's vast "Belt and Road" trade infrastructure project, the EU is launching an alternative plan for ...

textile and apparel firms eyeing rising orders from us market Textile and apparel firms eyeing rising orders from US market

10:37 | 26/09/2018

Local textile and apparel firms have enormous opportunities to boost exports to the US amid the intensifying US-China trade spat.

cambodian pm to pay tribute to president tran dai quang in hanoi Cambodian PM to pay tribute to President Tran Dai Quang in Hanoi

10:37 | 26/09/2018

Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen will lead a high-level delegation to Vietnam on September 26 to pay tribute to ...

microcredit from vbsp transforms the lives of bac kans poor families Microcredit from VBSP transforms the lives of Bac Kan's poor families

By Nam Phuong 10:35 | 26/09/2018

Thanks to microcredit programmes from VBSP, various ethnic minority families received funding to kick-start their business and lift themselves out ...

vietnams mission to un opens funeral book for president tran dai quang Vietnam’s mission to UN opens funeral book for President Tran Dai Quang

10:28 | 26/09/2018

Vietnam’s permanent mission to the United Nations held a ceremony to pay tribute to President Tran Dai Quang and opened ...

grab vietnam responds to fine by singapore competition watchdog Grab Vietnam responds to fine by Singapore competition watchdog

By Thanh Van 08:10 | 26/09/2018

Grab Vietnam has issued a response to the fines from the Singapore competition watchdog for its takeover of Uber's Southeast ...

changes needed in fdi attraction orientations in 40 era Changes needed in FDI attraction orientations in 4.0 era

18:52 | 25/09/2018

Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Vu Dai Thang shares his views about the role of FDI, while stressing the ...

new decree removes barriers for rice exporters New decree removes barriers for rice exporters

15:59 | 25/09/2018

According to a new governmental decree, rice-exporting businesses will no longer be required to own rice storage, paddy milling and ...

vietnam amends competition law to better manage cross border deals Vietnam amends Competition Law to better manage cross-border deals

By Thanh Van 16:45 | 24/09/2018

Vietnam is upgrading its Competition Law to manage cross-border deals and control economic concentration in the market.

high tech path to sustainability High-tech path to sustainability

12:24 | 24/09/2018

Advanced technology promises to increase Vietnam’s safe, environmental friendly and quality agricultural production. However, a science-based, internationally-aligned, functional, and transparent ...

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