HCM City has 24,000 Grab and Uber cars

15:46 | 18/10/2017
The HCM City Trasport Department has revealed that by the end of September there were 25,000 under 9-seat cars working in ride share networks, with Grab and Uber, more than double traditional taxis that have just 11,000 vehicles.
Grab and Uber service is now very popular. - Photo hiephoitaxi.vn

As a result, the city has a total of 36,000 ride share and traditional taxis, 2.5 times higher than the number of taxis expected in the 2020 master plan at about 14,500.

This high number of taxis is believed to have made traffic congestion worse.

Recently, the Ministry of Transport has announced that HCM City can limit the number of Uber and Grab vehicles in the city, but in fact, the city hasn’t released any decision to limit the ride share taxi.

However, 36 traditional taxi companies were limited to 12,654 vehicles in 2010. Right now, due to fierce competition, there are only 21 traditional taxi companies with 11,000 cars doing business.


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