Hanoi tackes illegal building at 8B Le Truc Street

16:18 | 19/06/2018
The Hanoi City People’s Committee is working on the second phase of the demolition of the illegally constructed 19th floor of a building at 8B Le Truc Street, in Ba Dinh District.
hanoi tackes illegal building at 8b le truc street
Public safety is cited as the main reason for the delay in handling the second phase of demolition at 8B Le Truc.-VNA/VNS Photo

The second phase of handling violations at 8B Le Truc building has faced new problems, which need to be resolved thoroughly.

According to the Phuong Bac Group Joint Stock Company - the unit which completed the first phase of the demolition, the breakdown of the unallowed area will undoubtedly affect the structure, safety and sustainability of the building.

The building was licensed for 18 stories, but the investor illegally built the 19th floor. Phuong Bac company has completed demolishing the 19th floor in the first phase. However, the investor also adjusted the height of the floors so the authorities have to continue the second phase.

Due to the complexity of the architecture and structure of the building, the demolition in the second phase will require the removal of most of the pillars and beams of the building. Therefore, the company has suggested the city authorities assign the task of the second phase of demolition to the building’s design unit because only the design unit fully understands the core structure of the building.

If the second phase’s dismantlement project is assessed as absolutely safe, then Phuong Bac company will have enough grounds to complete dismantlement measures to submit to relevant agencies for approval.

But nearly two years since the demolition began, the design unit has still not come up with the second phase’s plan to ensure safety.

Phuong Bac company said that the second phase’s dismantling has a high risk level, while destroying the whole building will waste social resources.

At present, there is no legal document that allows the authorities to demolish the whole building.

On the other hand, most of the areas from the 18th floor and below have been purchased. The second stage of dismantling will therefore face opposition from the people who have deposited on the apartments.

For the above reasons, the Phuong Bac company has requested to thoroughly handle the illegally-constructed 8B Le Truc building to save money and ensure the interests of people involved.

If the work doesn’t affect security and national defence, the company has proposed investors to buy back the whole area that should not have been built but already been sold to customers and the money collected should be put it into the State budget instead of dismantling.

The second phase’s dismantling wastes social assets and causes risks to people’s safety, including construction workers, residents living around the building, and road users.

In addition, the company requires investors to pay the full cost of the first phase’s demolition and fund the maintenance of tower cranes, cage hoists and other equipment used since the end of first phase.

During the rainy season, the storage of tower cranes and hoists causes risks, the company proposed to dismantle the tower cranes and cage hoists for maintenance.

On the above recommendations, Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen The Hung has assigned the Department of Construction to co-ordinate with Ba Đinh District to re-check the process of handling violations.

The 8B Le Truc building’s developer was Le Truc Garment Joint Stock Company.


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