Halong Marine Plaza - where the fun begins

17:02 | 19/03/2013
Located in the tourism hub Halong city, Halong Marine Plaza is the shopping, entertainment and F&B area in Halong Bay.

With Food Paradise, Shopping Paradise, Entertainment Paradise and Festival Paradise, it is the most attractive and interesting thing to explore in Halong.

Halong is one of most beautiful bays in the world, was recognised by UNESCO as one of seven wonders of the world.

Halong Bay has few entertainment and dinning places. Located along Hoang Quoc Viet Street and at the entrance to Halong city, Halong Marine Plaza becomes the first attraction to tourists about the development of this city. Particularly, in the orientation of Quang Ninh’s Provincial Committee, from 2013, Hoang Quoc Viet street become familiar street to held Carnaval festival – one of the biggest and the most expectation festivals of the year. 

With great advantages, Halong Marine Plaza will become the newest centre of Bai Chay and attract many tourists and local people each year.

Shopping Paradise:  Marine Plaza’s Entertainment covers more than 110,000sq.m. By coming to Halong Marine Plaza, you will be surprised by the splendor of the fashion centre, where many fashion brands including Vietnam and world brands converge. Diversity in price and products, customers always chose the satisfactory items such as fashion, cosmetic, shoes, bags, souvenirs, electronic, households and accessories are on offer.

Food Paradise: Halong Marine Plaza has many restaurant models which have romantic space, facilities, and appropriate for each customer. Restaurants along Halong Bay bring to you to a large-space where you can enjoin food, sightseeing and music. Besides, food paradise with the large space, capacity for hundreds of people offers a diversity of dishes, gathers traditional cuisines will help you save costs and satisfy the tastes of many people.

Entertainment Paradise: Coming to Halong Marine Plaza, you and your family will experienced the happy moment with many entertainment services such as the first international standard cinema in Halong Bay – MEGASTAR. Fitted with the latest cinematic equipment and technology, Megastar Cineplex will be the first and largest modern cinema in Halong Bay, with the 3D specially designed theaters, moviegoers can enjoy the most realistic and entertaining experience ever.  Megastar brings you a quality entertainment world with domestic and foreign films.

The highest Ferris wheel in Vietnam: At 90m, Halong Marine Plaza’s Ferris wheel is the highest in the Vietnam, decorated by many sparkling lights bring you to the romantic space and discover Halong Bay’s beauty.

The TiniWorld play area will cover 1,700sq.m and  become the first ever playground for children in Quang Ninh.


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