GV Energy supports renewable energy development in Vietnam

09:42 | 10/11/2017
To popularise the trend of using renewable energy in Vietnam, GV Energy (Korea) has just installed lighting system powered by solar and wind energy at no charge for two primary schools in the south-central province of Nghe An.  


GV Energy has installed lighting systems power by solar and wind energy for two primary schools in Nghe An province

This is an activity in the Global Corporate Social Responsibility of Korean Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA Global CSR) in 2017.

Korea’s GV Energy specialises in providing products using renewable energy such as solar power or wind power generators.

In line of KOTRA Global CSR 2017 of KOTRA in Vietnam, GV Energy has installed lighting systems powered by 200W wind generator and 600W solar generator for two primary schools in Nghe An at no charge. Additionally, GV Energy also donated hundreds of educational kits to disadvantaged students at these two schools.

Renewable energy brings many benefits to the economy, society, environment and people health. Power generated from renewable energy such as wind power, solar energy has become a trend that has attracted many countries all over the world.

KOTRA as well as GV Energy believes that renewable energy development is one of the critical solutions in response to climate change; creating new economic opportunities, benefiting enterprises, helping the poor access to clean energy, reducing environmental pollution and ensuring national energy security.

“KOTRA Global SCR activities not only contribute to promoting the advantages of eco-friendly energy products of GV Energy in particular and Korea in general, but also enhance good relationship between the two governments and businesses. In the coming time, we will continue to coordinate with local authorities in order to install more hydropower, wind and solar power generation systems in Vietnam,” said Jung Suk Won, CEO of GV Energy.

The company also donates hundreds of educational kits to disadvantaged students at these two schools

CSR is social responsibility activity that Korean government has consistently promoted over the years. KOTRA Global CSR is a social contribution project that has been continuously implemented by KOTRA for many years, contributed to creating a supportive business environment through the cooperation between Korean enterprises and other countries.

KOTRA has teamed up with Korean companies and developing countries, including Vietnam, to tackle social issues, educate human resources, and promote cooperative strategies. In addition to renewable energy in Vietnam, KOTRA also actively promotes supporting activities in other fields such as technology and urban development.

Especially since 2011, annually, KOTRA has cooperated with the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and the Korean Embassy in Vietnam to hold CSR Awards in order to honour Korean enterprises which have the best CSR activities in Vietnam.




By By Anh Duc

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