saying no to plastics in vietnam Saying no to plastics in Vietnam

21:00 | 30/05/2019

The Vietnamese government has been actively teaming up with the business community to reduce plastic waste by implementing different models of the circular economy, with an aim towards achieving sustainable development.

mekong delta farmers improve on tricks of the trade in climate battle Mekong Delta farmers improve on tricks of the trade in climate battle

17:00 | 30/05/2019

The impact of climate change on agriculture and aquaculture in the Mekong Delta region over the years is forcing local ...

aspirations for an agricultural cycle of sustainability Aspirations for an agricultural cycle of sustainability

14:00 | 30/05/2019

Circular economic models being applied in Vietnamese agriculture are increasingly popular, while also helping to ensure the sector develops in ...

global trends see asian powers quitting coal Global trends see Asian powers quitting coal

10:00 | 30/05/2019

Cheaper renewables, improved technology, and risks over reputation, financial performance, and the environment are driving transition.

public and private sector join hands to accelerate green growth Public and private sector join hands to accelerate green growth

By Nguyen Huong 08:14 | 30/05/2019

There is a growing need for innovative solutions that open up opportunities for private investment into economically, socially, and environmentally ...

renewables rise to energy challenge Renewables rise to energy challenge

08:00 | 30/05/2019

A big story in the Vietnamese energy sector is the rise of renewables, with the surge in wind and solar ...

cement makers turn to alternate fuels Cement makers turn to alternate fuels

By Phuong Thu 20:00 | 29/05/2019

Through simultaneous energy recovery and material recycling of alternative fuels, the Vietnamese cement sector looks to be on the right ...

doing more with less by akzonobel innovations Doing more with less by AkzoNobel innovations

By Hoang Anh 18:00 | 29/05/2019

At the heart of all activities by AkzoNobel, the leading global paint and coating company, is the goal to keep ...

adapting the mekong delta for a green future Adapting the Mekong Delta for a green future

15:00 | 29/05/2019

The Mekong Delta region, known as the rice bowl of Vietnam, is now under serious attack from climate change and ...

first vietnam smart energy hackathon to open in ho chi minh city soon First Vietnam Smart Energy Hackathon to open in Ho Chi Minh City soon

By Bich Thuy 10:57 | 29/05/2019

NEX and SHTP-IC, with support from GIZ, will organise the first Vietnam Smart Energy Hackathon in Ho Chi Minh City ...

assembling a circular economy Assembling a circular economy

10:42 | 29/05/2019

Vietnam is now striving to develop an economy that minimises waste. Tero Raassina, principal investment specialist from the Global Green ...

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