GE Digital’s talk shows fire up startup and student community

20:28 | 16/12/2016
“When Industry marries Digital” is the theme of GE Digital’s campaign  around the ASEAN.
Alvin Ng, general manager of GE Digital ASEAN, talked about the Predix 2.0 platform.

During this campaign, GE Digital has been hosting a series of talk shows to introduce the company’s digital industry and Predix platform. The recent talk shows in Ho Chi Minh City highlighting a presentation by general manager of GE Digital ASEAN Alvin Ng attracted more than 60 enterprises and nearly 100 students.

Industrial Internet has entered a new era allowing the industry to manage information resources (big data), apply and connect industrial machines to the cloud for data analysis and solutions, thus improving operational efficiency.

At the talk show with the start-up community, more than 60 business representatives attended at CirCO Co-working Space, especially with the appearance of FPT Telecom, VNPT, Unilever, Bosch, Lazada, and Axon Active, among others. At this event, Alvin Ng shared the story of how GE had developed together with its partners, such as Intel, Cisco, and Microsoft, to apply the IoT platform, big data, and software in the energy, transport, aerospace industry or medical equipment.

Also, as part of the event series, Mr Alvin shared with nearly 100 students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology useful information from the application of the IoT platform in industries to the method with which GE is leveraging Predix as an Operating System to transform itself into an IoT. 
Take a look at the images recorded at these events:

More than 60 enterprises operating in diverse fields, such as technology, energy industry, healthcare, and finance, participated in the talk show.

Enterprises expressed concern about applying the new technology platform in their fields.

Alvin Ng during the Q&A session, answering participants’ questions and giving advice of 
appropriate technological solutions to each business.

After the talk show, many business representatives stayed for further discussions with GE Digital’s experts.

The talk show at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology attracted many students.

Alvin Ng introduced a list of the largest companies in the world and GE’s position in this nexus.

Students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology were eager to share their points of view with GE Digital Experts.

Through these talk shows, GE wants to share with all those interested in technology, from large enterprises through start-up businesses to young students, the transformation of the digital industry as well as opportunities for businesses and individuals. Previously, GE also hosted two digital talk shows in Hanoi with IT and business partners as well as students at the University of Science and Technology.

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