FV Hospital works for shot in arm

11:01 | 12/12/2012
Foreign-invested FV Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City is now working towards a higher laure.

The hospital is pursuing a recognition by the Joint Commission International (JCI), considered the global leader in hospital accreditation, according to CEO Dr. Jean-Marcel Guillon.  

“Essentially, our aim is to achieve and maintain the best quality medical and non-medical services,” the French doctor said.

FV Hospital, founded in 2001, had previously secured accreditation in 2007 by the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS), a French organisation of international standing.

Leading the effort in total quality management at FV are the Quality Assurance Department and Patient Services Department. The former is in charge of medical aspects focusing on patient safety and improved outcomes, while the latter oversees non-medical aspects, such as the appointment and performance of a customer service officer who assists patients and acts upon his or her needs and requests.

FV’s quality was questioned a few weeks ago in the aftermath of death of Hanoi patient Mai Trung Kien, 57, who was brought to FV  with symptoms of appendicitis. He informed doctors that he had been treated for heart disease and taken anti-coagulant medication.

Two days after an appendectomy, Kien complained of chest pains and FV diagnosed a heart attack, prompting a transfer to nearby Tam Duc heart hospital. Doctors there found internal  bleeding, and Kien was immediately returned to FV for surgery, but his heart stopped before surgery began.

Under FV’s quality regimen, this incident and others are  being “investigated to understand how it came about and what we should do to prevent a similar event being repeated in the future,”  Guillon said.

Guillon told a recent press conference: “As doctors, we strive to heal all, but, sometimes, higher powers or the gods have other plans for us. And despite our best efforts, not every life can be saved.”

The press meeting took place two days after FV received the conclusion of an investigation by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health’s ad hoc professional council researching the cause of Kien’s death. The conclusion found the Kien died as the result of “secondary hemorrhage due to the administration of anti-coagulant drugs after appendectomy and acute myocardial ischemia in a patient with many risks – four coronary artery bypasses and a cerebrovascular accident.” The conclusion added that the exact cause could only be identified after autopsy.

 “As we have admitted from the outset,” Guillon said, “FV Hospital’s diagnosis of the bleeding was late, but the professional council confirmed that the cardiac problems deviated our diagnosis and that FV Hospital accurately diagnosed the heart problems and gave the right treatment. And the patient died of a heart attack, with the bleeding being a contributing factor.”

He said despite all the difficulties FV has faced in this case, his hospital would continue to accept high-risk patients for treatment.

By Tuong Thuy


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