Finding a truly safe place in face of rising pollution and diseases

08:00 | 26/02/2020
With epidemics and environmental pollution rising drastically, homebuyers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for a safe living space, protecting human health above all else.
finding a truly safe place in face of rising pollution and diseases
Air quality in Hanoi pushes homebuyers towards safe apartments. Illustration photo

Nguyen Huong’s husband works at a multinational company who was transferred by the company to Finland to be in charge of a project. The couple lived in Finland for five years, to return home at the end of last year and reunite with their parents. Although she was not in Vietnam during the time, she always kept up to date on local news. What she worries about the most is the environment and the diseases that can affect the health of her family.

She recalls a number of environmental incidents occurring throughout the country in 2019, including the incident at Rang Dong factory, the clean water crisis on the Da River, and air pollution in big cities with the AQI index always reaching high levels. To make matters worse, since the beginning of this year, not only the country, but the whole world has to face the acute pneumonia epidemic caused by the new strain of coronavirus (COVID-19) – a disease that speaks of the unknown challenges and epidemics to come in the future.

Despite knowing that these are problems not only in Vietnam but also all over the world, she is used to living in a foreign environment with strict standards and a system of security and safety. Thus, she wants to prepare the best place to live for her children before returning to live with her parents.

Desire for a truly safe life

Returning to Vietnam, Huong's family has been living with her parents in the small house that her grandparents bought a long time ago. At first, she felt suffocated because every time she left the house, she had to put a mask on and when she was back home, she was surrounded with four walls. It is not that her family cannot afford a more spacious home, but it is not easy to find a high-class apartment that emphasises safety and health.

According to JLL Vietnam, due to increasingly tight government policies related to land approval and construction permits, the supply in the apartment market has declined sharply, especially in the luxury apartment segment in big cities. This explains why Huong and her husband have been looking for a satisfactory apartment in vain for months – before learning of the King Palace luxury apartment project located on the "golden road" Nguyen Trai. She was really relieved to finally find the apartment to satisfy her standards of safety, including air, water, and fire protection.

finding a truly safe place in face of rising pollution and diseases

Safe living space at King Palace

Coming to experience and learn about her future home, Huong was satisfied with the air-conditioning system that provides fresh air for each apartment, meeting the standards of a 5-star hotel. Her husband, on the other hand, was more happy about the secondary water purifier of the building because in his mind pictures of residents having to carry buckets of clean water for their daily use were still vivid and sharp since last year.

The water purification station of King Palace features multistage activated carbon filtration technology that can filter out particles of 5μm, helping to ensure water from the city water source is truly safe and ensuring that water can be drunk straight from the tap and that supply remains stable regardless of external incidents.

Most customers visiting King Palace were impressed from the moment they entered, growing certain that the apartments are not only a place to stay but to truly live with a peace of mind in a healthy space.

The fire protection system at King Palace was also applauded as it features the most modern equipment and meet NFPA and IBC USA standards. Each apartment is equipped with a fire alarm system, according to Puplic Address Ingress Protection (AP IP), together with sprinklers to prevent fire from spreading. With the international-standard fire protection system befitting any luxury apartment, King Palace has been rated by the real estate community as "the safest apartment in Hanoi".

King Palace currently offers an attractive sales policy. Apartment-buyers making a purchase will be eligible for a 0 per cent interest rate support package with the duration of 24 months, covering 65 per cent of the apartment value. and a grace period of principal repayment during the interest rate support period. Customer who buy an apartment before March 31, 2020 will also receive an additional 5-star hotel voucher for Altara Suites Danang.

By Nguyen Thu

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