Experience "flying" from the peak of Van Thong

17:28 | 17/01/2019
Although the adventurous rock climbing service in Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang has been launched for a short while, it has been enjoyed by many foreign tourists because of its excitement for being able to be flying down from the peak of Thong Mountain.
experience flying from the peak of van thong

Not only going on the centuries-old steep steps and joining the mountain climbing adventure in Ngu Hanh Son, you will enjoy the nature painting in a completely new way.

It is to overcome the fear of height, hovering from an altitude of nearly 200 meters above sea level, on rocky cliffs, winding the undulating walls or visiting the dark and scary caves.

Before the Ngu Hanh Son climbing experience, all the excursionists have to be trained to use belt, keychain, protection belt, choose the climbing posture and to keep calm to cope with dangerous situations.

Together with you along the journey is a set of professional protection belts load up to 2 tons carried by the guide who has more than 13 years of experience, with enough training and climbing practice licensed by the Mountaineering Singapore Association.

And only when the coach says the newcomer is ready for this game, will he/she begin the journey.

First, you will have to move from the foot of the mountain to the top of Van Thong, then down the mountain by swinging the cord through the vertical cliff.

You can go down the mountain with one of two courses: rock climbing and abseiling at a height of 25-35m. Rock climbing requires high skill, good technique and excellent strength to climb at a height of over 30m.

Abseiling is chosen by many people, especially the young, to experience the feeling of overcoming oneself, overcome the fear of heights.

It is especially interesting when experiencing mountain climbing in Ngu Hanh Son when you are flying in the middle of vast hills and trees, watching the stretched coastline on the other side of the mountain, swinging between the cliffs, and feeling the sharp smell of the sea.

With a package cost of US$57, the mountain climbing adventure in Ngu Hanh Son attracts a lot of visitors, especially foreign tourists.


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