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08:00 | 30/01/2017
In response to the rampant pollution of the construction industry in the past, the concept of ‘green architecture’ has been picking up steam globally.
The National Assembly Building used large aluminium – glass facades of Eurowindow

Using green materials for this sustainable brand of architecture has proven vital. These products emerged as a significant target of the global building material production industry.

Green materials have less impact on the environment and on people throughout their life cycles. Green building materials must satisfy the following criteria: non-toxic, recyclable, with a longer life cycle, resources-saving, and harmless to the environment.

This growth trend has come to Vietnam in force.

As the premier company in the provision of overall solutions related to doors, windows, and finished products in Vietnam, in the past almost 15 years the Eurowindow Joint Stock Company (Eurowindow) has made consistent efforts in the research and application of the latest technologies, to bring environmentally friendly and energy-saving products into users’ lives.

Among the company’s most prominent products are uPVC doors and windows, made from profile uPVC bars by Koemmerling – a leading German brand in manufacturing profile bars pursuant to “Greenline” standards. These are non-lead-based, friendly to the environment, and non-toxic.

In addition, Eurowindow’s uPVC doors and windows are impervious to oxidisation and discolouration when facing solar radiation. The products are also heat-insulated and soundproofed, helping to save in energy, repair, and maintenance costs, bringing long-term economic benefits to users.

Koemmerling is one of the largest profile uPVC manufacturers in Europe, with a more than century-long track record. Eurowindow is Koemmerling’s exclusive profile bar distributor in the Vietnamese market.

The aluminium products the company supplies are not only made with green materials, but also feature high durability, anti-scratch properties and a resistance to corrosion by common chemicals or climate conditions. They can be recycled as well.

The company’s doors and aluminium-glass facades are made from thermally-insulated aluminium profiles combined with an integrated glass box, EPDM gasket, and auxiliary metal kits. They bring modern style, but are also soundproofed, weatherproofed, and energy-saving.

Eurowindow has invested in an automatic paint spraying system to give its aluminium products a refined look as well. This system employs an electrostatic painting technique integrated with powder coating, which is the latest in painting technology.

And with an automated wastewater treatment system imported from Singapore, discharged water from the Eurowindow factory has reached “A grade”, the highest standard in Vietnam in environmental protection.

Eurowindow’s wooden doors are made from natural wood materials and come in many varieties and designs, ranging from classic to semi-classic, modernist to high-tech.

The material sources are meticulously selected, and then undergo denaturalisation treatment before going into production. This ensures stability and durability and minimises wood deformation in Vietnam’s tropical climate. Eurowindow’s wood materials are all certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which runs a global wood certification system.

Nguyen Tan Van, chairman of the Vietnam Association of Architects, said, “In the context of green architecture trends, Eurowindow’s products appear to be the best choice for users, as they fulfil many of the goals that green architecture has set out to accomplish.”

Eurowindow was awarded an ISO 9001:2000 certificate for quality management by Norway’s Det Norske Veritas, a global verification services organisation. It was also awarded an ISO 14001:2004 certificate for environmental management by the British Standards Institution.

By By Dinh Thuy

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