Dulux launches innovative premium paint solutions for beautiful homes

08:11 | 15/07/2019
Launching a series of super-premium interior paints with advanced technologies to protect the perfect beauty of homes once again affirms AkzoNobel’s leading position in the Vietnamese premium paint segment.  
dulux launches innovative premium paint solutions for beautiful homes
Dulux introduced innovative premium paint solutions to protect beauty of home

On July 13, 2019, AkzoNobel – a leading global paints and coatings company and manufacturer of Dulux and Maxilite introduced Vietnamese consumers a range of advanced technologies and innovations with the launch of its interior paints, including DuluxAmbiance® 5in1 Superflexx, Dulux EasyClean® Stain Repellent (stain resistance), and Dulux Super Premium Interior SuperSealer (hairline crack protection).

In Vietnam, harsh weather is one of the most pressing concerns when building houses and choosing protective solutions as it can cause inner walls to be cracked and colours to fade easily, damaging their structure and beauty. With insights into consumers’ needs and prioritising research and development of industry-leading innovations in paints technologies, AkzoNobel has been constantly providing more innovative Dulux solutions, both in the shape of products and consulting services.

Dulux Ambiance® 5in1 was first introduced in Vietnam in 2005 and quickly proved its mettle as the best premium interior paint. Years to years, AkzoNobel has been putting endless efforts into further pushing the boundaries of product quality to enhance consumer experience.

This year, Dulux Ambiance 5in1 Superflexx was introduced as the super-premium interior paint with advanced Superflexx Technology. The technology delivers an elastic paint film which stretches as much as 3X times more than other premium interior paints, covering those tiny, hairline cracks and protecting interior walls for perfect beauty. Moreover, it is resistant to bacteria, mould, and fungus, ensures a smooth finish and provides superior washability. This paint has been certified in Singapore as a green product with low VOC content and no added lead and mercury.

Dulux Super Premium Interior SuperSealer is specially formulated for optimal combination with topcoat Dulux Ambiance 5in1 Superflexx, a perfect primer for elasticity topcoat, creating a holistic system for a complete solution for decorative paint and protection, covering hairline cracks, and maintaining the perfect beauty of living spaces.

Dulux EasyClean Stain Repellent is another premium product with advanced Active Stain Repellent technology preventing stains on walls. The technology creates a protective layer against tough stains on walls to effectively prevent stains from deeply penetrating the wall surface, maintaining a perfect living space which is always beautiful and clean.

dulux launches innovative premium paint solutions for beautiful homes
Dulux EasyClean Stain Repellent product

General director of AkzoNobel Vietnam Paint Company Pamela Phua said, “At AkzoNobel, the consumer is one of our top priorities and meeting consumers’ needs is the core of our business. The company has researched the insights of consumers with the aim of offering effective paint products that are not only optimised for the Vietnamese climate but also exceed consumers' expectations. "Stay innovative, stay leading", the company presents new interior innovative paint products to protect and beautify homes across the country. Dulux Ambiance 5in1 Superflexx, Dulux EasyClean Stain Repellent, and Dulux Super Premium Interior SuperSealer will serve your needs for the perfect coverage of your home. AkzoNobel continues to deliver our commitment to continuously develop innovative products, use the global expertise and local understanding to delight consumers worldwide.”

In the past years, AkzoNobel has invested more than €1.25 billion ($1.4 billion) in research and development of advanced technologies to create high-quality paint products for houses to withstand harsh weather conditions while being safe for health and the environment.

These efforts have made Dulux one of the most popular brands in the paints and coatings segment and at the same time encouraging sustainable development in Vietnam and other countries.

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