DJSI recognises SCG's sustainability

09:43 | 07/10/2013
The 100-year history of sustainability leader and top ASEAN business conglomerate SCG is flourishing thanks to the recognition by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.

djsi recognises scgs sustainability
SCG hosted the ASEAN Sustainable Development Symposium for three consecutive years

Since its establishment in 1913, SCG has been striving to achieve sustainable development and has been a leader of industry in Thailand and ASEAN.

SCG has learned how to adapt to changes and continued to do so against wave after wave of crises and challenges, both domestically and internationally.

“Throughout the years, SCG has pledged to develop the innovations of products, services, and processes toward balancing economic, social, and environmental development under the principles of good corporate governance,” said SCG president and CEO Kan Trakulhoon.

“SCG is committed to realising this noble cause and becoming a corporate leader within ASEAN and a prime example for companies to follow,” he said.

To ensure consistency within the organisation, a Sustainable Development Committee was set up in 1995 and is charged with setting targets and implementation guidelines for each business unit under SCG’s umbrella.

In 2008, the committee established the SCG Sustainable Development Guideline for effective implementation and to ensure co-ordination between the different entities co-operating on various projects.

With its demonstrated commitment to conducting business in tune with the sustainable development approach, SCG has been a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) since 1998 and has been ranked as a Gold Class performer for six consecutive years since 2008.

The DJSI was the first world-wide index to evaluate the efficiency of businesses according to their sustainable development practices.

DJSI’s listings and information are put to use by various institutions and funds around the world in evaluating their investments. The indices informs investors about corporate efficiency, not only based on profits, but on sustainability. Investors can be confident that listed companies will generate strong, sustainable returns.

The DJSI attaches great importance to freedom, transparency, and credibility. Its criteria were established by Robeco Sustainability Asset Management (RobecoSAM), an independent organisation with specific expertise in the field. The criteria also include assessments by other external organisations.

“SCG is the only company in ASEAN to be honoured with the ranking of Global Sector Industry Leader in Sustainable Development in the Construction Materials Industry on the DJSI for three consecutive years since 2011,” said Trakulhoon.

“SCG is proud to be recognised for the value of its sustainable development efforts and it is our intention to continue this in the future with the goal of ever-higher standards and expanding its implementation to Vietnam,” he continued.

SCG has implemented initiatives for its subsidiaries in Vietnam applying the principles of sustainable development through the innovations of high added value and environmentally friendly products and services as well as the development of green manufacturing processes, such as the use of new technologies to reduce energy consumption.

Moreover, SCG has a range of social sustainability initiatives aimed at building communities and providing opportunities to the Vietnamese youth, which is part of the group’s sustainable commitment.

“SCG is steadfast in its belief that these efforts will develop into a sustainable business network, as it contributes to steady economic growth at the business, national and regional levels,” Trakulhoon concluded.

By By Thanh Dat

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