Dinh Vu IZ shows its true quality

09:20 | 03/04/2012
Dinh Vu Industrial Zone developer last week received the prestigious Vietnam’s Second Labour Medal for its stunning business performance and contributions to the country’s socio-economic development.

Japan’s RK Synergy Group lines up to prosper at the zone

It is the second time the developer has received a labour medal, after being awarded the Third Labour Medal in 2007. Initially developed in 1997 by Belgian Rent-A-Port and local authority, Dinh Vu Industrial Zone has transformed a peninsula of swamps and fish farms into an industrial hot house.

“Since the early days of our business strategy, it was very clear we had found a great business opportunity in Vietnam and committed ourselves to be a long-term partner here,” said Reggy Vermeulen, general director of Dinh Vu Industrial Zone. The Dinh Vu Industrial Zone is unique in northern  Vietnam as its development involved millions of cubic metres of sand being pumped for land reclamation.

Phase 1 of the industrial zone covering 164 hectares is almost occupied. Kicked-off in 2008, its phase 2 of 377ha is now 50 per cent occupied. Dinh Vu is proud of its reliable utilities including power, water, waste water treatment and telecommunication systems to serve its clients in different industries ranging from heavy industry, petrochemical to general light sector. It is now home of 44 projects with total investment of $1.74 billion.

Many well-known foreign companies have set up manufacturing bases in this zone such as Nakashima, Bridgestone, Shell and Chevron. These investors chose Dinh Vu Industrial Zone because of its strategic location, its access to the port located directly in the zone, the availability of reliable utilities and tax incentives.

Last week, Dinh Vu also inaugurated a 20,000 dead weight tonnage jetty. The zone is also unique as petrochemical clients can share-use liquids jetty and pipe rack systems for cost effectiveness. Tenants in the petrochemical area do not have to build their own jetty which can cost millions of dollars as they can utilise jetties in the zone. The first 10,000 dead weight tonnage jetty was put into operation in 2005.

And in early March a new wastewater treatment plant in Dinh Vu was inaugurated. “All the utilities in the zone are designed in the flexible way to be able to expand when it is necessary to cope with the demand of existing and potential clients,” said Vermeulen.

By Nhu Ngoc


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