Dealing with change in the workplace

09:46 | 08/07/2014
Even the way you deal with clients has changed from talking on the phone to dealing with them on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. Change is the name of the game in the highly competitive market place today.

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Dealing with change is not always easy since it takes you out of your comfort zone and brings you face to face with something new and unknown.

- How people react to change

No two human beings react exactly the same way to change. As an employer you will find different employees reacting differently to proposed or implemented changes. These can generally be classified into four main categories. The first set of people look forward to change; they thrive on it. The second set of people, aren’t very bothered by change, for them it is just business as usual with a couple of tweaks. The third set of people, are worried about the possible consequences that the change will have on them and their jobs. They want to know how to handle the change so that they can still get the best results.

The final set of people are resistant to change and will get stressed out. They don’t like to learn new ways of doing the job and may actually feel threatened when everything changes around them in the workplace.To help every individual associated with your company to handle major changes coming your way it is a good idea to implement it in small stages.

- Helping to cope with change

Try and maintain a flexible attitude and learn the new skills that you will need to adapt to the changes coming your way. If there is any training provided at the workplace, ensure you attend it. Ask your colleagues about their experiences with the element of change and learn from their mistakes. Assess your own weaknesses that the change brings to light and see how you can eliminate them. Continue to work through the change phases till you find that the new procedures and changes have been amalgamated into your work ethos.

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