Daria Mishukova, a Russian enthusiast for Vietnamese culture

10:03 | 05/03/2018
Daria Mishukova, who began studying Vietnamese in 1995, is now living in Vietnam, providing input into a business and leisure website. Daria said her job brings her closer to Vietnamese culture and she has fallen in love with it.
daria mishukova a russian enthusiast for vietnamese culture
A portrait of Daria Mishukova

Daria used to be a lecturer of Vietnamese language and vice dean of the Faculty of Vietnam Studies at the Far East Federal University in Russia. She has accumulated knowledge about Vietnam in a scientific way from the most simple and little things.

Daria is passionate about collecting lucky money red envelopes, travelling and writing all about Vietnamese culture. Her book “Vietnam-a country of children of the Dragon and the Fairy” was published in Russian in 2007, republished in 2010, and translated into Vietnamese in 2013. It has become a popular travel guidebook.

Daria also writes for in-flight magazines of Russia’s Pegas Travel Company. Hoang Thi Phong Thu, a member of the Company, said Daria’s stories help attract more tourists.

“Daria has a thorough understanding of the Vietnamese culture, history, and tradition. She wrote regularly about Vietnamese landscapes, tourism, and food, for magazines provided on our flights all over the world. This helps connect Vietnam and Russian tourists,” said Daria.

Daria now provides content on Vietnam’s business climate, investment, and recreation in Russian and English for the Business and Leisure website targeting Asia. Daria said “I cannot separate culture and economics because cultural knowledge may create economic values.”

Vietnamese researchers, diplomats, and managers appreciate the Russian woman’s contributions to promoting Vietnam’s image in the Russian Community.

Dr. Phan Dinh Tan, Vice Chairman of the Council for the Theory and Criticism of Literature and Arts, said “Daria is an author who has in-depth knowledge about Vietnamese culture. She has made substantial contributions, like introducing Vietnam’s beauty to attract visitors and investors to Vietnam.”


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