national assembly will focus more on international integration National Assembly will focus more on international integration

14:53 | 20/05/2020

The ninth session of the 14th National Assembly has kicked off, focusing on many issues, including socio-economic development orientations for this year.

making preparations for fresh free trade climate Making preparations for fresh free trade climate

By Khoi Nguyen 09:00 | 20/05/2020

The upcoming adoption by the National Assembly of an International Labour Organization convention will make it more favourable for Vietnam ...

cold shoulder from business owners over ma delay plan Cold shoulder from business owners over M&A delay plan

By Van Thu 08:00 | 20/05/2020

Mergers and acquisitions in the country could be delayed in the short term if a proposal by the Vietnam Chamber ...

payment requests for online teaching leave parents puzzled Payment requests for online teaching leave parents puzzled 

By Anh Huong Hao 17:07 | 19/05/2020

Prolonged financial disputes between private schools and parents continue, leading to concerns over whether schools are too money-minded.

mops launches prosecution against huy nhat for fraud MoPS launches prosecution against Huy Nhat for fraud

By Van Anh 17:05 | 19/05/2020

Four foreign investors filed a lawsuit against Huy Nhat for alleged fraud and the appropriation of $25 million through a ...

hustle and bustle finally back in town Hustle and bustle finally back in town

By Mai Truc Oanh 15:00 | 19/05/2020

More than three weeks after restrictions were loosened, normal life has gradually returned, bringing back crowded streets and traffic jams ...

pharma groups to profit from virus Pharma groups to profit from virus?

By Bich Thuy 10:10 | 19/05/2020

The top 10 global pharmaceutical companies are being scrutinised and advised not to prevent or delay a vaccine for COVID-19 ...

apple actions highlight diversification Apple actions highlight diversification

By Kim Anh Van 09:02 | 19/05/2020

Apple partner Goertek’s recruitment of tens of thousands of labourers is being seen as a testament to the United States-based ...

options outlined for lower growth Options outlined for lower growth

By Nguyen Dat 08:57 | 19/05/2020

Fresh scenarios for lower-than-expected economic growth have been discussed by law-makers amid worries about further negative impacts stemming from the ...

party state leaders pay tribute to president ho chi minh Party, State leaders pay tribute to President Ho Chi Minh

14:58 | 18/05/2020

A delegation of the Party Central Committee, the State President, the National Assembly, the Government, and the Vietnam Fatherland Front ...

special art programme marks president ho chi minhs birth anniversary Special art programme marks President Ho Chi Minh’s birth anniversary

08:54 | 18/05/2020

A special national-level art programme was held in Hanoi on May 17 to celebrate the 130th birth anniversary of late ...

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