local social networking sites shaken by draft amendment Local social networking sites shaken by draft amendment

By Van Anh 11:53 | 27/05/2020

More than 500 local social networking sites will need to secure a permit to continue earning revenue if the draft decree amending Decree 72 is approved.

more leg room needed for vietnamese aviation More leg room needed for Vietnamese aviation

By Bich Thuy 10:00 | 27/05/2020

Despite potent financial support from the government, Vietnamese aviation giants are pinned to the ground by the global lockdown, signalling ...

proposal to halt ma a question of fine balance Proposal to halt M&A a question of fine balance

By Van Thu 10:00 | 27/05/2020

Just a few days ago, Tiki and Sendo struck a hundred-million dollar deal that could redraw the landscape of the ...

utilisation of evfta requires strict clarity Utilisation of EVFTA requires strict clarity

By Thanh Dat 09:00 | 27/05/2020

The upcoming bilateral free trade between Vietnam and the EU may be a tough nut to crack unless the country ...

revised gdp goals to buttress growth Revised GDP goals to buttress growth

By Thanh Thu 08:00 | 27/05/2020

The aftermath of the health crisis has prompted Vietnam to consider adjusting its economic growth target, with the recommendation that ...

honda import strategy unable to avail of fee cuts Honda import strategy unable to avail of fee cuts

By Nguyen Thu 17:42 | 26/05/2020

Japanese carmaker Honda may come to rue its decision to start importing CR-V vehicles, giving up domestic assembly, now that ...

central group slows down performance in vietnam Central Group slows down performance in Vietnam

By Nguyen Thu 16:15 | 26/05/2020

While Central Group made it into the top 10 retail companies in Vietnam, while major local competitors also reported steady ...

stock trading inconsistencies spotted at camimex group Stock trading inconsistencies spotted at Camimex Group

By Nguyen Doan 11:56 | 26/05/2020

The HSX highlighted four stock transactions at Camimex Group that seem dishonest while the group has shown a grievous lack ...

stimulus package rides on budget Stimulus package rides on budget

By Nguyen Dat 00:00 | 26/05/2020

A new economic stimulus package expected by the government from the legislature may take time to become realised due to ...

vietnam sets up special working group to ride wave of investment relocation Vietnam sets up special working group to ride wave of investment relocation

By Ha Vy 18:51 | 25/05/2020

The special working group will complete the policy framework on foreign investment to lure in multinational investors looking to diversify ...

numerous soes under special financial supervision Numerous SOEs under special financial supervision

By Nguyen Huong 18:49 | 25/05/2020

Subsidiaries of SOEs like Jetstar Pacific, Angkor Air, DAP-Vinachem, and Petrolimex Laos will come under special financial supervision.

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