rang dong may see a repeat of bibicas insurance odyssey Rang Dong may see a repeat of Bibica's insurance Odyssey

By Van Anh 11:09 | 11/09/2019

With the difficulties around assessing fire damage and insurer PVI's past handling of a similar claim by Bibica, Rang Dong may be in for a long wait.

gic to invest 500 million in vcm a subsidiary of vingroup GIC to invest $500 million in VCM, a subsidiary of Vingroup

By Tan Duong 22:32 | 10/09/2019

A consortium led by GIC and Vingroup signed definitive agreements to invest $500 million for a minority stake in VCM.

authorities issue query into manhattan tower delay Authorities issue query into Manhattan Tower delay

By Nguyen Huong 11:27 | 09/09/2019

Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment asked the developers of Manhattan Tower and relevant parties about the delay and complaints ...

facebook denies newest claims of data leak Facebook denies newest claims of data leak

By Van Anh 10:32 | 08/09/2019

Even as data of more than a hundred million Facebook accounts are revealed and confirmed, the social network denies any ...

savills publishes list of large factories moved from china to vietnam Savills publishes list of large factories moved from China to Vietnam 1

By Kim Oanh 09:53 | 07/09/2019

Many large-scale groups have relocated facilities to Vietnam to avoid the impacts of the US-China trade war, showing the potential ...

nghe an jica and jetro forge comprehensive co operation Nghe An, JICA, and JETRO forge comprehensive co-operation

16:18 | 06/09/2019

Nghe An People’s Committee, JICA's Vietnam Office, and JETRO's Hanoi Office inked a memorandum of co-operation for the development of ...

entire country welcomes the new school year Entire country welcomes the new school year

By Tan Duong 12:00 | 05/09/2019

Teachers, parents, and more than 24 million students across the country went to school to celebrate the opening ceremony of ...

acv to come back 100 per cent state owned enterprise ACV to come back 100 per cent state-owned enterprise?

By Ha Vy 10:40 | 04/09/2019

If the proposal of the MoT is approved, ACV will return to being a 100 per cent state-owned company after ...

crisis of rang dong may not give dien quang new lease on life Crisis of Rang Dong may not give Dien Quang new lease on life

By Van Anh 09:49 | 04/09/2019

Maybe not even the inferno at Rang Dong will be able to help its competitor Dien Quang overcome its two-year ...

vietnams immense economic voyage Vietnam’s immense economic voyage

08:55 | 04/09/2019

Over more than three decades, Vietnam has grown from a war-torn nation to a stable, middle-income, and globally-integrated nation. Professor ...

should business households become enterprises Should business households become enterprises?

By Tan Duong 08:29 | 04/09/2019

The MPI proposed recognising business households in the Law on Enterprises, affording them the same level of rights and protection ...

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