vietnam airlines announces first trading session on hsx Vietnam Airlines announces first trading session on HSX

By Tan Duong 15:58 | 07/05/2019

The HSX officially opened the first trading session of over 1.4 billion Vietnam Airlines shares at a ceremony attended by leaders of the CMSC and the SSC.

african swine fever holds back foodstuff segment and cpi African swine fever holds back foodstuff segment and CPI

By Thanh Tung 12:43 | 06/05/2019

The ASF was named as one of the factors behind the slow rise of the CPI so far in 2019, ...

global airlines submit compensation claims for boeings b737 max fault Global airlines submit compensation claims for Boeing's B737 MAX fault

By Hoang Van 11:04 | 05/05/2019

As soon as Boeing officially admitted its fault in the two B737 MAX crashes, many global airlines have requested compensation ...

vietnams socio economic situation witnesses positive signs pm Vietnam’s socio-economic situation witnesses positive signs: PM

10:59 | 05/05/2019

Vietnam’s socio-economic situation in April 2019 witnessed many positive signs with macroeconomic stability and surging aggregate demand, Prime Minister Nguyen ...

e sports opportunities in vietnam E-sports opportunities in Vietnam

By Tan Duong 08:35 | 04/05/2019

Electronic sports (e-sports) is the rising star of the entertainment industry and Vietnam currently holds a significant advantage in this ...

por14 result causes difficulties to hung vuong corporation POR14 result causes difficulties to Hung Vuong Corporation

By Tan Duong 07:56 | 04/05/2019

HVG may fall on hard times after the DOC raised anti-dumping tariffs on tra and basa fish from Vietnam under ...

mediamart to be fined for violation MediaMart to be fined for violation

By Nguyen Huong 07:55 | 04/05/2019

The MediaMart branch in Quang Ninh has just been isued a penalty of VND80 million ($3,500) for administrative violations.

vietnamese private sector from zero to big leap Vietnamese private sector: From zero to big leap

16:28 | 03/05/2019

The Vietnamese private sector has gone on a journey from “no” to “yes,” suffering stumbles to become mature.

vietnam closing in on neighbours in southeast asian startup race Vietnam closing in on neighbours in Southeast Asian startup race

By Luu Huong 12:20 | 03/05/2019

Despite the high economic growth, broad-based macroeconomic stability, and advanced IT infrastructure, Vietnam still needs to develop a startup community.

vinasun confidently announces eight fold profit thanks to grab lawsuit Vinasun confidently announces eight-fold profit thanks to Grab lawsuit

By Hoang Van 12:08 | 03/05/2019

Thanks to winning the lawsuit against Grab, Vinasun expects to reach VND77.1 billion ($3.35 million) in 2019 profit, eight-times as ...

vietnam private sector economic forum session 3 Vietnam Private Sector Economic Forum - session 3

15:24 | 02/05/2019

The Vietnam Private Sector Economic Forum opened in Hanoi this morning with the participation of Party, Government and legislature leaders, ...

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